Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

I'm a Sir

Put on a (faux) moustache on your face because today is the time of men’s product! Hahaha. Surprised? I let you, because ME TOO. 

Sometime ago, my big brother bought a men magazine in Singapore and he got Biotherm sample as a bonus.  But he never tried the product! So after a long long time, a cute sachet is just being a sculpture or something looks alike. :P Useless, hopeless…

Then me, as a girl who loves the world of skin care, decided to tear off the corner of the sachet and apply an amount of the product inside behind the ear to check for allergy or irritation. And there’s none.  So I wore it along on my whole face and go outside for a day…it’s amazing! It’s non-greasy, not shiny, very light, thin, and fresh! As it said on the sachet: absolutely not greasy, shiny, sticky

The texture itself is transparant gel with masculine aroma.  It absorbs quickly on the skin with a bit cooling effect. 

Btw, look at the RIZ Mousse Nettoyant Visage of L’occitane! It contains no parabens, completed with organic red rice from Camargue and Zinc PCA, but contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate, though the source is natural.  Well, honestly, I really want a bottle to try! :) Me and my oily/combination skin would love her, I guess. (yeah, I think that face cleanser is a ‘she’). 

Finish! :) Enjoy your weekend.

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