Senin, 08 Februari 2016

Well it's actually a picture I made for Huraya Garage Sale
but yea, I want to talk this up with you, folks. 

Okay, first. I already have a smaller refrigerator and it's vintage.  Hahaha. Sorry for the sudden news, but, it's important. :p 

I have a tough January's February now, guys! Miracles came to me in last year's February and I believe that the month is good for me. Scrolling to the upcoming months, too. I don't know.  I have a special connection with February ! February always gives me a new beginning. Sends me amazing things. There will be Valentine's Day and it's my favourite celebration ever !

This February, and the whole 2016, I'd like to dedicate the day for...MY SOUL. What? Not my...soulmate? If I have a bright soul, the channel will have a better perfomance of finding the one, right? :))

Not my parents? No.  I love them everyday. Simply.  They're like roommates with a bit more controlling system for me.  HAHAHA.

Not Kimkim? I haven't seen Kimkim for a while.  Where is she?

By the way, this is Kimkim.  Not my cat.  But mine in the heart.

Not my friends.  Off course I love them, but not only on Val's Day! Hahaha.

Okay.  My soul. How ?  Here's my goals this year:

+ do a simple morning yoga routine and say some simple 'mantra' for self-suggestion.
+ eat more local food with slower cooking process (a.k.a. not fastfood)
+ reducing dairy products more
+ give cats some treats, only if they are hungry (not forcing anyone, huh?)
+ not giving 'defensive body language' --such as folding your arms in front of the chest
+ lower the ego and listen to ones who try to say anything to me

+ be grateful, even for the smallest thing

And if I make it, I'll have a new habit of being good !

Let's start in this first day of year 2567 !
Focus on your well-being state and The Universe will do the rest.  :D

Rabu, 27 Januari 2016

Scrolling Around Just for Fun

Illustration made for my cousin's wedding invitation. :) 

In collaboration with my brother. 

The theme is, ah, you guess! 
And, psst, the bird is not kasuari.  Can you name the species? ;) 


Senin, 18 Januari 2016

A Week without Refrigerator

So, last Tuesday, I had a problem with this thunderstorm and heavy rain in my city.
My kitchen was flooded with water from the broken ceiling.
Coincidentally, it happened behind the refrigerator.  And more coincidentally, my Mom has been thinking about giving away that old, tired, space-eater refrigerator back to the house' owner--for months.  It needs to be repaired and it's a little too big for my tiny kitchen + dining room.

The nature gave us a chance.  It's too dangerous to let a refrigerator with a local raindrops. Plus it's the time. Well, there it was. We handed the refrigerator to the 'Spiderman' of our neighborhood.

But the risk is...

...ugh yeah, I live with no 'kulkas' for a week!

I told my Mom, though, "Remember, Ma, in the ancient times, people survived without refrigerator and not being hungry.  Some fresh groceries are fine without fridge. Our cheese & milk consumption is reduced rapidly lately. We are exhausted with the habit of stacking a lot of ready-to-serve food inside the box. We don't have an urgent reason to buy a new refri, anyway."

And we tried the challenge.  Since it needs some budget and more kitchen maintenance to get a new refrigerator. And the conclusion is...

We tend to keep more stuff when we have the storage.  Bought a lot of veggies and kept them in a refrigerator be honest, potentially a waste.  My household members are busy all days and no one has an effort to cook everyday freshly or something like that.  Based on the fear of being hungry, we stock some frozen ingredients / beverages / etc.. In the end, we have to clean up the refrigerator every weekend and got tired.

Now, that regretful, sad activity has been removed from our life (for a while), and it feels...freeing! Fresh meal everyday, complete kitchen equipments from the washing dishes.  No more 'where is the pan? oh, yeah, in the refrigerator.'.

Definitely. Because you have a strong reason to keep anything surviving a night (or a week).

Just a connected logic from the topic above.

It's horror.  That moment when you know there is something expired or spilled inside that magical box of modern life and someone open the door.  Or you have to open it yourself.  And, yeah, that creepy aroma from a rotten leaves, wrongly handled fresh seafood, or anything else.

We had a habit of keeping some ice cubes and never used it.  So.

Daddy has no argument for this.  I've told him not to buy any sliced fruits in styrofoam plate wrapped in plastic.  But he still did several times. Now he can't do that at all.  Since sliced fruits requires the fridge. Ahey!

Yeah, that's my week in a glance.  Without the amazing shelf invented by...who? The only problem is I can't keep my almond milk in a big bottle again, but I don't even have time to make the milk recently.  So, it is oookaaay.

I think it's fun to keep going with the fridgeless life.

Kamis, 07 Januari 2016

Aloha !

Oh, hi, blog. Hi, readers. Hi, me.
My 24th years old me.

Yeah, I recently had a never-ending party, concert, and hang out episodes with dearest friends and families. It includes my birthday blast, Christmas Eve performance with the orchestra, and new year gathering plus random chit chats with beloved people!

So, I enjoyed my December. A lot. It started with my brother's functional-yet-cute souvenirs from Japan. And a day at Tangerang. Trying to survive AEON mall's air-conditioner.

Well. Forgot to mention the most important event at that day...December 1st.  My brother is officially engaged. With his girlfriend.  Yea, for sure. Finally. Here's a proof: 

He decided to visited Bandung for a while and took me to Farmhouse. I don't like the farming concept--exploiting animals...but it's not real farm, though it promotes cow's milk (read as: the weirdest 'healthy-must-have drink' humanbeing ever tried). I was waiting for him in a meeting with the owner when I met these cute furry sheeps. SO CUTE. SO KIND. SO FLUFFY. I WANNA TAKE 'EM HOME!

Dudung. I named him. 

Usep and Euis. I named them, too. 

Until the middle of December, another tasks arrived. My older cousin needed a decoration for his wedding (still continues until now...for the 2nd reception). So my house is full of flowers and rustic stuff. And daily intakes of randomness. Such as teaching piano in Mom's Bakery. Hahaha. FOOD. *eh, wrong purpose!

Now it's the main menu: MY BIRTHDAY.  Oh my 23rd year of life has finally transformed. I need to adult a little but I...won't. HA.

I spent half a day outside. With a lot of people.  I always love it when I socialize on my special day. becomes more...random ? Yea. I had a music rehearsal with 30 different personalities at an orchestra, had a good, satisfying laughters.

Continued the day with brother and future-sister-in-law, travelling in the city. Which has an epic traffic jam that day.  Thanks to Farmhouse and thankfully I've been there before everyone visit the place. Anyway. We had some good food (e.g: mushroom soup and almond milk--in my gastronomy range) at Baker Street. That famous café.

I had a birthday dinner at Cottonwood with the whole family--Mom, Dad, brother, future-sister-in-law. Another mushroom. Haha! And yea, finally, after that, we sat down together in a living room...opened some wrapped presents (which I've known, since I'm the chief-santa-claus).

Still, there are some surprising birthday gifts from a close friend of my Mom and my future sister-in-law.

Then, I got busy with orchestra stuff.  We played at December 24th. Have prepared it for months.  So, aye, 2 times a week of rehearsal is not a waste of time! We served the music quite beautifully.

I guessed. 

December 25th-26th: Christmas time! And I went to Depok.  Tried Bubur Manado for the first time (and I love it, love it!). Successfully vegetarian at a wedding lunch and finally experienced a...swimming session.  I've missed swimming a lot and I was so...happy. I like moving my body in the water as I'm a...dugong (do not expect a mermaid, I'm not that girly, well,  a bit, actually).

I spent the next week with a lot Yeah. Call it so. I met my friends. My Kandang fellow, my Twinmipmip, and previously before Christmas, QK.

two awkward vintage-lovers in an unproper fitting room of a vintage shop
(wearing whatever around the sight)

always-with-bangs duo ! 

And. All of a sudden. As expected. The wait is over. 

2016 has arrived. 
May the force be with you. 

And seriously, I could feel the force of noisy fireworks. So serious that I wasn't able to sleep. 

I made a failed popcorn at home. Spent the night with Mom & Dad. Spent the beginning of January in my aunt's home with cousins and nieces & nephews and parents. ( my cousin cooked Bubur Manado with a very, touching wish: she wanted me to eat a lot, so she didn't cook any meat!! Too sweet!)

Then I watched Ngenest at Braga. Meanwhile, my Dad saw IP Man 3 with his...bear brothers? I don't know how to call the trio. But he has these 2 friends with similar bear-like-body-shape.  With cheerful personality. They both. Add my father and here comes a Happy Bear Trio. HAHA. I can't even hold my laughter writing this.

I continued having many meetings with friends. My Pug-Fan, Kandang Fellow + QK. Hahaha, why I use nicknames anyway? Then the first week is coming to the edge. Some people sent me late birthday gifts and I'm...fulfilled with happiness.

I mean, to know that they know a lot about my detail is...cute. A vegetarian cookbook, a pink dress from my Banana Sisters, Snoopy socks (which is bought at the moment we're together in a mall), other surprising acts and greetings as well.

YEAH. It's January 7th anyway. I've decided to not doing a Capsule-Wardrobe. I mean the strict one. It's not too...practical for my nature. I'm better at Thoughtful-Wardrobe. Not just my wardrobe, but in other aspects in life. I planned to do some simple yoga every morning, tiny dumbbell workouts for stronger arms and hands, plus stepper exercise for better wellness. SPORT, people.  The subject I always had 6 points only at school, haha!

And uhm, now I'm with something new called 'Give Cats Some Treats'. I'm bringing a small box of cat food in my bag everyday in case I meet a hungry cat (and it's often). It came from the same reason of me being vegetarian: feeling guilty. It's hard to leave a cat or kitten meow-ing at me, crying for food, or too thin and sick on the street. It's...heart-breaking. It's impossible for me to have a cat at home now.  But at least I have an urge to share my love to them. Cats, dogs, any other living beings.

Plus people.  I promised myself to be less selfish. To reduce my ego. To learn to love and accept people. And hug more. Smile even more.

Ah yeah. 2 hours of piano everyday. 1 hour of viola.

Add 15 minutes of memorizing ukulele chords.

Draw, draw, draw.

Oh, and save money for... a Hawaiian trip. Or at least Bali.  Whatever, beach !

Ah, welcome to the Universe, dear The Year 2016. Let's be best friend !

Rabu, 25 November 2015

The Delutional Society

It's such a blessing to have an ability to see. We can enjoy the beauty through a pair of eyes.  It's a pleasure!

But the story becomes different when you measure some abstract things with eyes.

For example:

You meet a friend who wears an original Chanel bag, and you give her a respect.
You greet a folk who bring a little old dusty tote bag he sewn himself and laugh at him.

And they both are humanbeings.  So what's the matter?

We're drowning in the society who give each other's value by looking at the belongings. By separating the people who drink Starbucks and kopi tubruk to different social classes.  We really think that friends that pay your dinner more often is better than the other who may be honest about havin' a hard time collecting coins for some public transportation.

Okay.  It's beyond crazy.  We really forget how to be a human.  We were born naked.  We die without bringing a ten million handbag.  This industrial era has been so delutional for all of us.  But it's not just the system to blame, but our basic greed.

We literally spend the whole life to own everything in our sight? It's not even bearable! If we really want to have all the assets in the world, okay, we will be exhausted and it won't be enough to do that in a lifetime. You have to be reborned milliion times! :))

So. Let's. Stay. Human.

flowers. effortlessly pretty. more beautiful than all the clutters we collect just for the social status' sake. 

Selasa, 17 November 2015

Veggie Report #infinity

I miss that Sunday organic market at Flamboyant.  Mmh.  

That picture sums up my daily meal.  Leaves, fruits.  Add some carbohydrate folks like cassava, sweet potato, potato...some rice and veggie noodles or pasta.  
Yes, baby, vegetarians are not living with ONLY lettuce.  :)) 

It's strange that I survived my ovo-lacto vegetarian life anyway.  Strange but sure.  I wrote about a delicious chicken spinach just on 2013 and in the middle to end of 2014, I talked about going to a wedding and got nothing to eat but salad! Hahaha!

I choose mushroom over salmon all the time.  Even on my last visit to Braga Permai, I had this bulky Risotto Al-Funghi and almond corn soup...while I usually pick a salmon steak.  I no longer crave for some chicken broth and assume it's just a water.

And, yes, I have no difficulty in choosing my to-go-lunch. I'm good with sliced carrots, potato, any available greens, blanketed (?) in kebab wraps, hide some mashed beancurd inside, pretending it's a cheese.   When I need something creamy? Oh, I'll go with coconut milk with mung beans porridge or black glutinuos rice.  :))

Oh, and, by the way, I discovered a new vegan café in town. The name is Fortunate Coffee - Jalan Kebon Sirih, Bandung. Indonesia.

So happy!
Here's some snapshots of that lovely restaurant.

the 'duh, I can't eat any of this'-free menu ! 

soothing window with vegan bread offerings in those baskets

creamy vegan fettuccinne -- light and guilt-free

my pasta and mom's pasta--both are yummy!
too bad i forgot to mention to give me 'straw-free' drinks to the barista.

Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

Selamat Datang, KeepCup!

In Bahasa Indonesia, 'selamat datang' means 'welcome'.  To whom do I say welcome? To the newest kiddo in my shelf...the KeepCup

I bought one from Revebelle shop.  After 3 months of thinking.  Actually I've stopped craving for one months ago, until I found out that I need a proper container for on-the-go fruit juices or smoothies, or if I accidentally order a portion of frozen yogurt or ice cream.  It's creepy to wash an postjuicefilled glass bottle because I have to reach some corners with bottle brush. Sometimes the rest of it stays.  And then there is a smell you can't stand.  Seriously. 

Well anyway, this glass-cup-shaped tumbler is also better to keep some fruit slices and everything. 

So, hey-yeah, after a long proccess of judging, I decided to adopt one.  Helloooo, new stuff!
Why do I buy a KeepCup, by the way? Well, since I often left with guilt after any drink outside, or dessert.  There are disposable plastic cup (or paper) and plastic (or wooden) spoon along with the serving.  Plus the straw, sometimes.  That is the point of my horrid feeling.  I don't want to enjoy some meal while cluttering the Earth with small annoying stuff! 

KeepCup is a plastic cup--but it's reusable, and I believe it lasts long--looking at the plastic quality.  The shape is friendly, and it's easier to be washed cleanly. 

What kind of container do you use for your beverages and food? 

Don't you think that reusing is amusing? :D

just one OOTD bonus with my Guyu bag (my own) and favourite Argyle & Oxford shoes,
and the carnival-themed dress that looks like a soulmate to me...

Anyway, I've reduced the amount of my shoes collection to only 6 pairs! Previously, I think I have around 10 or something.  Mostly never worn again after an event or posteuphoria-of-havin'-new-kid-in-town.  Just a reminder, some people out there have no shoes to wear and walk by bare foots.  It's fine for several personalities and needs, but...hey, maybe you can donate your unused shoes to those who need it more! :D