Rabu, 20 April 2016

At Least, Make Your Days Lighter

I used to be faithful to the vintage mode: always tuck your top into the bottom. I found it elegant, and fun at first.  But lately I've been thinking how attached I am to this method that I feel insecure when I don't slip my t-shirt inside the waist ban. And sometimes I'm afraid some fashion rules are real and I should not look like I'm fat. I don't know.  Since I started being effortless about these stuff, I found that...I sweat small stuff and make it a reason to destroy my mood. Then I shop because I thought it's the clothes' fault. Silly, huh?

So, babe. Let loose.  Fashion rules are just for fun. And, no, the problem is not in your belongings but your mind. Be a mindful fashionista, if you're a fashionista.

Plus, people judge you by your cover. Whether you're financially rich or not. Do you think it is actually fair? Make a statement. You are not what you wear, but you should be happy with whatever you wear, even a single piece of boxer and sleeveless old tee. 

"Jangan gitu di depan orang ya. Malu." (don't do that in front of people--it's a shame!)
OMG, how dramatic people is. If you actually pee or poo in public, opened-air, ok, it's a shame. And not appropriate. Pffft. But, hello? Sneeze? Yawn? Cough? Laugh? WHISTLE? I don't get it when my Mom said I must not whistle in public.  But someone from Kampung Naga, a traditional village in West Java said, it's a taboo to whistle since it's going to call an evil ghost. I respect it. But I want to whistle just everywhere...besides a funeral. Well, no one may forbid you to do things you love that doesn't even harm a mosquito. Right? (anyway, kids and animals always accept your random acts, so.)

 Note this: Be full with everything you're doing. When you're talking to someone, concentrate only on her/him. In the other condition when you're talking with someone on the phone or chatroom, try to be focused, at least for 10 minutes--if the person keep replying. That's the purpose of smartphone: you can postpone some words, but you actually still have to respect your friend. Except he's a spam-message writer. :p

By focusing, you'll gain more quality. Trust me.

Some people will say it's insane, but, smiling at strangers is fun. Somehow. As long as you smile only at 3 people, not 10 people in a row. It sounds a little bit creepy... But, hey, who cares! You may not recognized who are they, but you've made their day brighter (or full of curiousity).

Do it once in a week, pals. Smile is a resiprocative action. Smiling at each other makes both person involved feel better! So, smile! :)

Earth Month Poem

I can smell a little part of nature,
whispering to me. 

"Hey, human, we're not that helpless. I think you guys are helpless.  
You're drown in the delutional life of unstoppable greed cycle. Panic. Tense. Angry. 
Look at us. Simple. Growing. Enjoying some morning dew. 
Doin' our best in our part of life. 
Not complaining about the rain, though it's heavy. 
Being grateful. And take a deep breath. 
Sunlight, burning yet giving us life.
Accepting the destiny--as plant.
I know you're not a plant, human. But listen, we're from the same source.
We're creature. Different, but similar.
We've been watching you. Running around finding a bunch of gold. 
Only to satisfy your soul in a few minutes. And never, never actually satisfied. 
If you live with the harmonious rhythm, you'll find your happiness. Soon."

And then, another thing about human that I heard from thunderstorm, volcano, and earthquake.
"Sometimes people blame us. Labelling us as a punishment from God.  Oh, hello. 
We've been there before you invade the Earth. We're always there. 
We're not showing off. Or trying to kill you. 
We're a part of the rhythm. 
Without us, the Earth will remain still, 
or maybe feel a despair.
It's just you and us need to cooperate."

I smile a little. 
Maybe. Maybe it's just my mind, exploring too far. 
But isn't it possible? We make the world as an exhausting playground. 
We look away from reality--
that we live with nature. Not above the nature. 

Love them, respect them. Respect each other.

Senin, 28 Maret 2016

To The Next Level of Minimalism

Today's Enlightement
I remember when I was a student. I only have two until three pair of shoes. Well, it's simply caused by the uniform thingy.  I wear black shoes from Monday to Friday, and the left days to wear other shoes are weekends.

Then I remember my Mom's story, she said: "I survived living with two sets of clothes back then: school uniform and a dungaree paired with two choices of blouses. Shoes? School shoes and occasional one." 

And now I feel 'wow!' people got along with that lifestyle! The highest level of minimalism! For a rainbow-fan like me, I thought minimalism means no colour choices. But the actual thing is: hey, if you form a pretty pallette, curate it well, you can live a minimalistic life without being bored!

So I can combine my taste without destroying the ecology and my mentality (a.k.a being greedy). 

It's a real thing and it's possible. 

Chit Chat
From now on, please, guys, remind me to do the followings:

+ reuse old, junk tees as a wipe cloth
+ no new shoes, please
+ use up all my wooden pencils and be grateful for the free ones (e.g. souvenir from someone)
+ find a way to organize drawing paper
+ use up all my colour markers & acrylic paints then shift to only watercolour pallette  + necessary agents
+ routinely eat bananas
+ eat some mung bean porridge from Bapak Bubur Ketan
+ always bring an eating tools set and Keepcup, duh 
+ be productive instead of procrastinating, browsing for a new skirt...
+ smile

Thank you! Enjoy my blog. :)

Senin, 21 Maret 2016


Remember my last project, the 21-Days of no shopping? 

OK, I'm telling you the truth.  I shop for some food and snack but that's only because I was so hungry, but,
really, I clinged to this project from February 22nd to March 14th. And this is my list of restricted items:

applies to : clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, cosmetics, magazine, book, stationery, office-supplies, furniture, fancy palm-oil based food and beverages, craft supplies, needles, pins, hairpins, bobby pins, organizer, notebooks, animal (off course!), and other thing that usually ends up as clutter.

You know what? I survived.  I didn't bring anything new to my house and not using it then get depressed... I saved myself.

And as I've said previously, I'm now getting more focused on important tasks. I got more productive and effective.  Instead of browsing around the shop (offline / online) or spending times in expensive caf├ęs, I only do things that matters and progressive.  Here's something to proof it:

a sketch of Lang Lang, my favourite pianist !

more Guyu products at @guyugembira on Instagram

Ilustration for a school in Bokondini, Papua :)

And hey, it's real.  What minimalists say about being minimalist is true! I am more creative than yesterdays. When I faced the 'I have nothing to wear' moment in front of my wardrobe, I challenged myself to create a new look using everything I've already possess. And it feels even better than buying new ones!

Okay, and, as I promised, I have to learn a new baroque piece, so, I choose 'Toccata by Girolamo Frescobaldi' to be played with Lai Maheswari, but I'm still searching for my piano piece, since learning Chopin's Ballade has already costs me a lot of time (and energy).  :))

How you're doing? Wanna try this project, too? ;) 

Oh, by the way, Happy Forest Day, and Happy World Down Sindrome Day ! Let's respect the nature and embrace the disables! :)

Minggu, 13 Maret 2016


Sembari menunggu teman, minum jus alpukat dengan sekolahan.  
Bawa si Kipkap supaya bisa disimpan dulu kalau kembung. 

 Edisi jus alpukat berikutnya :p 

Jus mangga! :D 

Sekian kisah singkat di hari Minggu yang tidak terlalu penting-penting amat. 

Senin, 07 Maret 2016


I'm a morning person.  This makes me feel alive everytime I'm spotted by sunlight.  Just like these bamboos below the bright sky.  So fresh, so happy. 

Maybe we, humanbeings, are that simple.  But we forget that we're simple and complexify everything.

Senin, 29 Februari 2016

Thank You, Dearest Consciousness

I'd like to give myself and appreciation,
who has made this decision:

+ buying a lot of TBS products
+ ...ended up selling some of them in a Facebook group.

+ start having trouble with blemishes
+ that I got from using TBS Tea Tree Toner
+ and discovered my real skin type
+ special credits to Lynn.

+ had dandruff thingy since puberty
+ tried out a lot of shampoo, from the cheap one to fake natural shampoos, to the high-end ones
+ considering no-poo method
+ i'm blessed to have my black, thick, hair back again after simple treatment with coconut soap & apple cider vinegar

+ ate a lot of beef steak
+ finally knew that beef causes body odour (on me)
+ and it was a living cow, jsyk.

+ met real cow and thought, "Gee, I don't wanna harm this glorious creature!"
+ met a chubby hen and thought, "Boy, what did I do to your ancestors? You're cute!"
+ started being pescaterian

+ said to fishes in the pond : "Someday I'll save your clan, too."
+ now moving to being pure vegetarian. 

+ above all, i'm grateful that I started this so-called 'beauty' blog
+ and saw many changes i made through the journey
+ i'll keep posting !