Kamis, 30 Juni 2016

Why I Gave Up on Pretty Oxford Shoes

I used to be a shoe-addict. Especially oxford shoes (sometimes they call it 'brogues' too).  You know, that kind of shoes with lace, flat insole (generally), very narrow heel, and usually made with polyurethane outer. Here;s one of the example from my Pinterest, an oxford shoes from Argyle & Oxford. Objectively, I love the details, the uniqueness, and look at the quirkiness! Plus, it's metallic. I can't not appreciate this piece of art.  And it was on 50% sale. Ugh.

I was in love with oxford shoes that almost all my past drawings contain that kind of footwear. Here's some samples: 

Maybe during my 18s-24s, I've purchased 8 different oxford shoes, with different material, price, quality, and comfortability. Well, honestly, none of them was comfortable enough.  Especially at the first usage. It usually takes time to fit in my feet, and it costs a lot.  A LOT of pain. It usually tores my back of the ankle, hurt my toes, that I should buy a slip-on in Singapore 5 years ago, because I failed in handling the pain of my new oxford shoes. And it's cracky after a long time.  Like...3 months, for example.  Because polyurethane + tropical climate + true pedestrian = hardcore shoe life. Girly shoes won't make it. Oxford shoes...have failed. Many times, yet I didn't care at all. I wanted to look GREAT.  Sundanese would call me 'loba gaya'--literally translated to 'too much style': it means, I gain beauty voluntarily, even with pain and loss. 

After a while, I don't think it worths my effort anymore.  The sight of any oxford shoes still steals my attention, but, hey, it's not comfortable, and not actually useful besides making you 'feel good but hurt'. It's just me and my delutional idea of 'finally have my own money to buy all the shoes I want!'. I should've listen to my conscious body parts: oh, dear, do you feel okay with these stuff wrappin' ya' around? 

Then I took a breathe and had a flashback.  The only shoes I own when I was a high-school student were 1 pair of black slip-on as a school uniform,  1 pair of polkadot slip-on for free time, and I think I owned a pair of party shoes or something for formal attires. AND HEY. I survived. And my feet were happier.

Now, for my footwear, my priority is not again 'the style' or 'the must-have', or 'the trend', moreover, 'the uncomfortable beautiful shoes'.  It's now: pink and made of airy fabric with fluffy insole and flexible sole. At least it's going to be really nice to walk on. If it has to be a sport shoes, I'm so fine with it! Now I've found out why I never, never ever used a feminine shoes except a simple mary-jane (with rubber sole, lol) since I was a kid. My childhood consciousness was more generous with my body. Hahaha! 

Anyway, my hometown provides a really, really random trotoire. I mean for real.  Wandering around by feet is compatible with an off-road--being seen from a Landrover's point of view. :p

I also need a pair of sandals for rainy days.  Since my jelly shoes has ended up in the landfill.  It's broken. Definitely broken. I bought it 2 years ago. On the 1st year, one of the part on the left was crushed.  But it's still usable.  But the right part followed the path.  And last time, the belt was in a horrible condition.  However, it's just bad.  I expected she would live longer, but, she's a cheap sandal anyway. Bought impulsively (only 40% thoughtful thoughts in it). Thanks for everything, Dearest Jelly Sandals. :)

My 77 days of no-shopping still continues.  So I have to stop here before...suddenly making a long wishlist and get impatient to purchase something.  Remember: more impulsivity = more damage on Earth. Simply.

Have a cheerful weekend, darlings! xx 

Senin, 13 Juni 2016

As An Alternative from Shopping

My old wardrobe data! Ugh, I found this in my notebook (a bonus from some fashion magazine).  And it was from my post-school time.  After days in boring uniforms, I have only a few of clothing pieces I loved and cherished.  And only 3 pairs of shoes! OMG.

The only minus I had was my colour tones: black, grey, dusty rose, green, random oranges, random yellows?  Only that.  It's not weird that I was more melancholic at those years.  My pallette was bad and not beautifully arranged.

Anyway, that list has brought me wrong. It was the beginning of my fashion hoarding (?). I read magazines and had thoughts like, "Oh, I need a black dress, one jeans, two high-heels..." because I thought it is necessary.  Or arbitrary.  I don't know. I'm laughing at it.  I was a green-obsessed hoarder.  And irony in one label.

OKAY THEN. I was only a naive 18 year old girl anyway.

Now I'm here, focusing on other things than shopping and fulfilling my starvation of ornament-based-pride!

And better make myself proud, strong, and happy with some music. 

And here's a little bunny in memory. :')

Minggu, 12 Juni 2016

May The ( Space-Concerned ) Force Be with Ya'

"Don’t be afraid of empty space in your closet. It might feel weird at first, but when you can get dressed in the morning without stress and struggle, you’ll start to enjoy the benefits of owning less."
-taken from the 333 Project 

I've been reading a lot about minimalism and so. Since last year, I guess. While I'm trying to sell my preloved clothes / shoes / jewelry, plus stop shopping for no reason. It's beyond effective.
It's interesting!

And, just like my proccess of being vegetarian, or becoming a good musician, being in touch with watercolour, plus my path of 'detoxifying' my toiletries, it's a fun, fun journey! No way back. No regret.  Everything's fun!

The other blog that I am subscribed in is: Un-fancy

Oh, yeah, and it's affecting a lot of other sessions in my life.  Most importanly, my lifestyle and mindset. Bye, bye, impulsive shopping. Bye, bye, wander around a departement store for nothing but tired and bankrupted.

I am no longer believe in 'retail therapy', but more into 'use whatever you already have efficiently!'.
And I'm not a hoarder anymore.  That's the most precious step I've ever had.  I might find a reason to stack some stuff just because 'oh, it's a local brand, don't worry', or 'oh it's made of organic cotton, don't worry'. Oh, nonsense! What I have to worry is THE SPACE AND THE ENERGY. And THE TIME, sorry. Shopping has actually eaten a lot of most productive moments, and erase the space I have in house or in my head, and surely, energy. Plus, when I shop without further thinking, I usually end up in regret.  And regret feels bad. Really.

So let's start our little mantra again:

I am not a cupboard, I am a fulfilled humanbeing. 
Thank you, Dearest Universe. :) 


cherishing my super duper simple rings, that i can wear with ANYTHING i already own  

Senin, 06 Juni 2016


Oh, it's June! JUNE! Closer to July, August, oh those sunny days I've been waiting forever until November. A lot of incoming summer projects are in front of me and it's exciting!

Anyway, since June has arrived, I decided to try another 'project' of stop shopping for unecessary things...such as clothes.  Yea, that trap called 'shop till' you drop' isn't healthy at all. I mean, ugh, I don't want to get dropped due to shopping, and shopping has actually swallowed my money worthlessly.

21 days  of shopping less period seems quite easy... now when I think about that.  But what about three times of that? Heya, it's fun to do, huh?

So, the rules are similar, with special notes defined by text colours:

applies to : clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, cosmetics, magazine, book, stationery, office-supplies, furniture, fancy palm-oil based food and beverages, craft supplies, needles, pins, hairpins, bobby pins, organizer, notebooks, animal (off course!), and other thing that usually ends up as clutter.

If I survive the 77 days (counting from now), I'm going to treat myself with a new romantic piece to learn both on viola and piano.
NB. I have to finished the baroque piece from previous project. 
Anyone joining? ;)

Fashion thingy : This is the REAL target--since being 'a girl' gives me a lot of excuse to shop...like it's in the social unwritten habit. And these stuff are actually the most tiring things to be thought about--and wasted a lot of time (and material) to browse. I used to spent many hours to browse when I should actually rehearse or doing an unfinished illustration. And yeah, my money has gone far away for some pieces I haven't even worn until now. About cosmetic, I've been so much better on this.  Yee-ha ! 

Books: NO BOOKS, except needed for educational needs such as music bundle in higher grade, better editorial, or arbitrary exam book. Art books? There are free e-books and Pinterest images everywhere, baby. For free.  And all you need is actually...that endless practical session. 

My entire house is stuffed with these stationeries and all art supplies like a workshop garage or something. Should I buy anything? Not in a million years.  We have 7 watercolour pallettes here. A box full of clutter of crafts and...huh. Hello. Food: only eat the necessary and nutritious plants. Fancy foods cost too much! 

So, see you in 77 days from now ( there will be random posts in between, but I meant about this goal ). I'm going to do productive, progressive stuff. Including doing this project already. 

For The Earth, for humanity ! :) 

Senin, 30 Mei 2016

Minimalism in Ningrumism


People always associates 'minimalism' with monochrome tones such as black, white, and gray.  
Well, at this point of life, I think I've been very, very minimalistic.
I haven't changed my daily backpack for 3 years, perhaps, and it hasn't been washed for months, too. :p
I spent 21 days + another 30 days buying nothing like clothes or jewelry (hey, gimme an applause!).
And yes, my working desk / table is becoming more...me. I sorted out and curated everything on the surface. Though the desk is woody deep brown I really want to work on a pink-painted space, it's okay for now. At least there are still pink stuff in my sight.

And Sesame Street mouse pad, by the way.

Oh, anyway. All I want to talk about in this post is...hey, I'm still colourful. Everything I have is...beyond colourful. I might take a look at some minimalist bloggers and pinned all those simple, clean wardrobe on Pinterest. Perhaps all my reference are black and white, but my soul is colourful.

In plural colour choice, you can be a minimalist. Yes it is.  The key is: mix and match and do not buy things new except you're drowning in a deep cliff of frustation with your dull closet...but don't. Just...try not to.

I'm quite minimalist about food, too. I personally visited like no cafĂ© or expensive restaurants for months. The only 'dinner/lunch out' I had was just in a food court, eating a simple 'kolak' and 'mung bean porridge'. And I had a Provencale Pasta ( which is spaghetti with eggplant, carrot, and tomato plus mushroom ) before attending a piano recital. And, okay, as a local-oriented vegetarian, actually, my food is quite colourful.  I mean, all the things I eat was...colourful fruits and tropical vegetables--something like that.  Imagine pineapple, tomato, banana, papaya, mango, bright yellow beancurd, golden tempeh, spinach, creamy coconut milk, guava, passionfruit...oh, I never have monochrome platter, too. Amazing!

And days, hey, my days. I think, reducing my activity on shopping or browsing for unecessary stuff makes me becomes more outgoing.  I mean, I tend to focus more on people and important acts. Drawings, practicing, socializing, listening to music with focus, laughing, hugging, kissing (cats/dogs/parents), thinking, even a jogging on a sport field (OMG who am I now??).  I am productive like an ant, hoho!

So, going  green makes my life even more colourful. Actually. It doesn't change anything in my colour choice. Therefore, it boosts my pallette!

Here's my student giving you a clue about the wonderful rainbow world that will boost your mood and bright aura. Thank you.

*feeling not systematic? hey, yeah, I never write anything systematic, right?*

Rabu, 20 April 2016

At Least, Make Your Days Lighter

I used to be faithful to the vintage mode: always tuck your top into the bottom. I found it elegant, and fun at first.  But lately I've been thinking how attached I am to this method that I feel insecure when I don't slip my t-shirt inside the waist ban. And sometimes I'm afraid some fashion rules are real and I should not look like I'm fat. I don't know.  Since I started being effortless about these stuff, I found that...I sweat small stuff and make it a reason to destroy my mood. Then I shop because I thought it's the clothes' fault. Silly, huh?

So, babe. Let loose.  Fashion rules are just for fun. And, no, the problem is not in your belongings but your mind. Be a mindful fashionista, if you're a fashionista.

Plus, people judge you by your cover. Whether you're financially rich or not. Do you think it is actually fair? Make a statement. You are not what you wear, but you should be happy with whatever you wear, even a single piece of boxer and sleeveless old tee. 

"Jangan gitu di depan orang ya. Malu." (don't do that in front of people--it's a shame!)
OMG, how dramatic people is. If you actually pee or poo in public, opened-air, ok, it's a shame. And not appropriate. Pffft. But, hello? Sneeze? Yawn? Cough? Laugh? WHISTLE? I don't get it when my Mom said I must not whistle in public.  But someone from Kampung Naga, a traditional village in West Java said, it's a taboo to whistle since it's going to call an evil ghost. I respect it. But I want to whistle just everywhere...besides a funeral. Well, no one may forbid you to do things you love that doesn't even harm a mosquito. Right? (anyway, kids and animals always accept your random acts, so.)

 Note this: Be full with everything you're doing. When you're talking to someone, concentrate only on her/him. In the other condition when you're talking with someone on the phone or chatroom, try to be focused, at least for 10 minutes--if the person keep replying. That's the purpose of smartphone: you can postpone some words, but you actually still have to respect your friend. Except he's a spam-message writer. :p

By focusing, you'll gain more quality. Trust me.

Some people will say it's insane, but, smiling at strangers is fun. Somehow. As long as you smile only at 3 people, not 10 people in a row. It sounds a little bit creepy... But, hey, who cares! You may not recognized who are they, but you've made their day brighter (or full of curiousity).

Do it once in a week, pals. Smile is a resiprocative action. Smiling at each other makes both person involved feel better! So, smile! :)

Earth Month Poem

I can smell a little part of nature,
whispering to me. 

"Hey, human, we're not that helpless. I think you guys are helpless.  
You're drown in the delutional life of unstoppable greed cycle. Panic. Tense. Angry. 
Look at us. Simple. Growing. Enjoying some morning dew. 
Doin' our best in our part of life. 
Not complaining about the rain, though it's heavy. 
Being grateful. And take a deep breath. 
Sunlight, burning yet giving us life.
Accepting the destiny--as plant.
I know you're not a plant, human. But listen, we're from the same source.
We're creature. Different, but similar.
We've been watching you. Running around finding a bunch of gold. 
Only to satisfy your soul in a few minutes. And never, never actually satisfied. 
If you live with the harmonious rhythm, you'll find your happiness. Soon."

And then, another thing about human that I heard from thunderstorm, volcano, and earthquake.
"Sometimes people blame us. Labelling us as a punishment from God.  Oh, hello. 
We've been there before you invade the Earth. We're always there. 
We're not showing off. Or trying to kill you. 
We're a part of the rhythm. 
Without us, the Earth will remain still, 
or maybe feel a despair.
It's just you and us need to cooperate."

I smile a little. 
Maybe. Maybe it's just my mind, exploring too far. 
But isn't it possible? We make the world as an exhausting playground. 
We look away from reality--
that we live with nature. Not above the nature. 

Love them, respect them. Respect each other.