Minggu, 15 Oktober 2017

Because It's Sustainable

The road to minimalism is not the kind of trip that has an end. Even if you set a goal, there's going to be another goal. For example: I've sold all my old comicbooks because it didn't spark joy. But after a while, I suddenly think some others comicbooks I'd like to keep starts to give me shivering feeling of clutter-existence. And...looking back, I don't read them often.

So I sell more comicbooks.

Then I tried my father's comicbook collection and, BAM!, there are even MORE comicbooks than I expected, and 80% of them are left unread. Or, at least, not again.

Soon after, I took a little look at my mother's drawers and found another clutter to give up on! And, my father's digital files...compact discs, (another) books & exhibition catalogues...OH MAN. I'm living in a storage room! 

If Salju represents the feeling of living in a storage room, well here it is. But she's quite happy between the bushes, anyway.

But don't worry. Since there's no deadline in this journey, I'm doing this very naturally and by enjoying the proccess (and loving the result). Have you ever feel exhausted with your own clutter?

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