Senin, 11 September 2017

Happy 4 Years, Huraya Garage Sale !

Since I’ve started my online garage sale huraya, I’ve been decluttering and expanding in my house. The realization about the amount of stuff that my family actually needs vs possess is shocking.
This is my surprised face, represented by Salju Meong:

Yeah, that much surprised. Anyway, I can't believe the garage sale is still going on and every month there's something sold--but still there's so many stuff inside shelves and much clutter do my household have actually?  I started at 2014 with only my personal kitsch (such as clothing pieces and accessories), then my supervibes actually invited more products from my parents and brother. More books, more clothes, more random things! The toys, the sculpture, the...I-don't-even-know-how-to-call-that.

when I realize that there are still a stack of book and wallets and jacket and toys haven't been adopted, yea

Honestly, I feel so tired with all those stuff sometimes I want to leave it alone and go to sleep. But, hey, giving up is such a sin (contextually, not biblical-based, off course).

Seeing my desk be like: At least now my desk can be invaded by an adult cat without makin' a mess! Alright. Go on with the garage sale ! 
Through Huraya, I've found many new friends (I'm a kind of person who do Cash On Delivery, tho'), another 'zen' space at home, and knowing clearly what sparks joy, and what doesn't. I also save a lot of effort to shop! Because I know shopping without any intention can be dangerous for the breathing space. Lol.

Decluttering has changed my life, my mind, and I believe everything is placed on the right time! 
Belakangnya nggak nyambung. 

I still have books, both fiction and nonfiction--well, even a lesson book. Some books, we donated 'em to another island with POS Indonesia's free shipping program. We have many in our hands, and thankfully I've colonialized other area that was untouchable: my father's bookshelf. With 80% stuff he had forgotten having. So. Meh. A little bit sneezing won't be a waste if in the future the house will be cleaner, healthier, and we'll become more mindful humanbeings. Not a materialistic one. Not keeping our happiness inside a useless stuff or two (or two hundred).

Beside books, we offer you clothing pieces ( a few ), action figures, unique sculpture, etc. Many things!

By the way, here's Salju with a pink ribbon. She's not feeling well yesterday, I think it's the extreme heat and the racing wind in the nigh. She's better today (after rejecting breakfast 8 hours ago, but she had lunch beautifully, so...), she's just running around to catch a mouse but failed, lol.


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