Selasa, 26 September 2017

Cured by The Sea and Salju Meong

In this busy society, we really need to sit down and relax. I had an amazing weekend at the Pangandaran Beach and Citumang River with awesome friends. And lately, I've been using my crystals effectively. I let my aquamarine stone sits down on the desk on the small plant pot, I hang my rose quartz on the window of my bedroom, and I put lapis lazuli + black onyx under the pillow for a better night sleep and the feeling of being protected, or in case my dream would be vivid and clear or contains a life clue. 

I think if I have to decorate my house, I'd like to use crystal clusters. They're going to adjust the vibe, fix the aura, and maybe bring some luck!  

But for a while, I'm feeling peaceful and happy. With ongoing garage sale, projects, and suuuurely a lot of music sheets to practice. LOL. 

FYI, I have only 32 pieces of daily clothing now. It includes tops, bottoms, and outerwear. 
How great is that? 
Meanwhile, some pieces are on sale at huraya garage sale
Please visit and take a look in case something catch your attention! ;)

Anyway, here's Salju yawning. 

What you usually do to slow down the presto life? 
Adding a ritardando? :p

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