Rabu, 09 November 2011

Ma Noveau Bébé

Finally I arrived at the nearest L’OCCITANE en Provence boutique of my Bandung city, and I’ve purchased my dream cleanser! :3

And the nice SA gave me a 8 ml sachet of Gloss Lissant/ 5 Huiles Essentiels / réparateur (I don’t know the right title!) which contains 5 essential oils plus strawberry AHA to repair and manage your hair.  :D

Okay, first, let’s talk about the cleanser.  I LOVE this one! The name is Foaming Rice Cleanser.  Explanation from the website and the packaging:

This soap-free cleanser is enriched with rebalancing zinc and red rice extract from Camargue (located just outside Provence in France), as well as astringent red rice vinegar. Zinc rebalances your skin’s oil production, while the red rice powder absorbs surface oil and reduces shine. It transforms into an ultra light foam on contact with water and eliminates make-up, impurities and excess sebum. Skin is perfectly clean, incredibly soft, clear and pure.

Perfect for combination and oily skin.
Very light, clean fragrance. Non-comedogenic

Ou dans le français:

Un nettoyant ultra-moussant qui laisse la peau nette et pure ! Ce nettoyant sans savon – enrichi en extrait de riz rouge de Camargue et zinc (rééquilibrants) et vinaigre de riz rouge (astringent) - se transforme en une mousse ultra légère au contact de l’eau pour éliminer en douceur maquillage, impuretés et excès de sébum. La peau est parfaitement nettoyée, incroyablement douce, nette et saine.

In my opinion:

Oh, if this product discontinued, I’ll cry out loud.  :P LOL.  The cleanser has the right power of cleansing.  It cleans without making my skin tight or dry or slippery (like a detergent).  The soft light foam and small beads make my cleansing ritual perfect! ♥ After 2 times, I discovered that my cheeky acnes goes dried! It works! :’) OLALA~♫ !

The scent? Very mild and natural!

The price? 250.000 IDR for 200 ml of good ingredients, for me it’s worth-it.  :) 

How to use: simply push the pump and let a tiny amount of cleanser dropped to your palm.  Mix with water, hold a foam party, and move the foam to your face. Rub rub rub, don’t be harsh, focusing on cheeks, forehead, and nose.

No parabens, silicons, or animal ingredients. Très bien!

About the bonus:

The packaging said, “(I am) enriched with 5 essential oils and (yummy) strawberry AHA, this anti-frizz gloss effectively smoothes and tames hair, while helping to repair and protect it from heat damage.  Your hair is light, sleek and manageable for a long lasting finish.” 

Take a further  look about this brand new product here, s’il vous plait. :)

The word ‘strawberry’ amazed me, and those benefits written are interesting!

I haven’t tried this, so wait for my review. :D

Pour L’Occitane: bissous! I love this one product of yours, and I will try more. Thanks for your availability in my country, and my city.  ;)

*this illustration made with excitement and love, if you can’t even copy my happiness, don’t ever try to use this informatic-artwork illegally using your name.  I painted this with my beloved pencil colours, Snowman marker, and Adobe Photoshop CS3. Merci.

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