Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

Bright Happy Blue

Music store is always tempting!

blue shirt with tiny triangles: Impromptu, the one that has a print I’ve been searching for months (and doodled a lot). :) So happy I found one from Indonesia in perfect colour mix!

pants: Minimal.  Magically appeared at Cascade FO when I was searching for tartan shirt for my Mama. So I took it.

tote bag: Guyu.  Know this brand? I know it really well.  It’s my own brand! LOL.  The simple offwhite bag dipped into black-tea-infused-hot-water, then I made those apples.  And here it goes the details: :)

shoes: From a shop at Bandung Trade Centre. Custom. I ordered and it’s ready after a month.

At Indonesian music section! Why so serious? Because I was searching for a CD of any good indie band from Indonesia. :D

credits to the photographer: my Brother who is also ‘on Tumblr’ but I forget his account. :p

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