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Rosey Rose Floral Life

Well, I guess, I’m surrounded with ROSE thingy anywhere, mostly in toiletries life.  I have Atlas Mountain Rose EDT from The Body Shop, and I routinely apply Nicole’s Natural's Rose Body Lotion

One day, Lynn kindly share another rose stuff to me. Here’s the product: Utama Spice Rose Allure Body Lotion. I’ve been interested with Utama Spice since Lynn wrote a review about their products.  I’m mostly excited that they have Cocoa Love Body Butter that seems tempting with simple and yummy ingredients.

But the first produit I got the chance to try is the rosey lotion:

Yep, the famous Bali Island, Pulau Dewata (Island of Gods), the place with aromatic scent everywhere, there’s a brand named Utama Spice with nice all-natural products you would love to try!

Well there, you can see the real bottle and the ingredients rightly. Quite nice with flip cap. For body lotions, flip cap is right, but for more liquid products, flip cap is not a good choice. I’s untidy! Just IMO.

The other trouble I have with the bottle is: it’s rockin’ hard.  But you have to squeeze if you want the lotion to come out.  And it’s quite difficult and painful to squeeze it!

What about the fragrance? I guess my nose catches it as lemongrass (sereh) + rose + other spices I can’t classifiy, it is. Like I even believe it can avoid me from mosquitos bite! Because once, I used to have one tube of Soffell’s Anti Nyamuk with this kind of scent, but less rosey.

And yo, it has funny texture.  When I first try to test the product, a transparent water came out from the bottle.  I was like, ‘what’? But then I shake the bottle and finally the true from of lotion appeared.

Soft white with, still, a little border or difference between that transparent liquid (is it the VCO or the spring water?) and the cream. Just like you spoon a little asparagus soup. :p  But it doesn’t cause any trouble.  It might make you say that the consistensy is…weird.

When applied, it’s a little thick, oily, for a while it might feel annoying for you who don’t like greasy feeling. Absorption takes a minute or more, so when you’re in a hurry, be quick and don’t apply too generously! LOL.
But the moisturizing effect is true.  I usually use this at night or day when I’m in the mood for floral.  :) 

I like this lotion so far.  Thank you, Lynn, for sharing with me! ;)

I also have a little jar of Utama Spice’s body butter in Cocoa Love. Lynn shared it also.  And I guess I’ll purchase the full jar because I love the texture, its supple effect on skin, and especially the chocolatey-vanilla-y aroma! Feel like eating a newly baked chocolate-spices cookies or ‘kue bolu’ too.  :9

You can get Utama Spice’s products online, or if you live in Bali or travel around there, they launch some stores in The Island. ;)

***all photos and illustrations belong to me, please mention a permission to use it in another media, if only. :p

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