Senin, 26 Agustus 2013

Sweet Cherry Lips

Okay guys, don’t be bored with another lip product review from me! :D

Let me tickle your fancy first before we start.  Here’s my new lip butter from 100% PureIt has cute oval tin packaging, a simple form of lip moisturizer.  You have to take the butter with your finger and apply through your lips.  Some people may not be in love with this method since it’s less hygienic.  But I’m fine. 

I have the Cherryflavor.  It smells literally like cherry, mixed with other fruits.  FYI, it’s all natural and contains no beeswax.  So, this one’s vegan!  Just like my Hurraw! tinted lip balm, which comes in cherry taste too.

Talking about tint, yes, this one’s tinted.  It’s sheer red on my lips, added with glossy effect.  

It’s not sticky, nor drying.  I love this lip butter so much!  The texture is great, buttery, melts beautifully on lips. 

And if you want to see what plants are inside this butter, here:

Organic Butters of Avocado1, Shea2 and Cocoa1, Organic Rosehip Oil3, Organic Cherry Flavor4, Organic Pigments of Cranberry5, Strawberry4, Black Berry4, Pomegranate4, Cherry4 and Plum4, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Stevia

By the way, how’s your summer holiday, fellas? Do you had fun? ;)

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