Jumat, 07 Maret 2014

A Body Butter I Used to Love

    always love Vanilla! :D

I bought this at The Body Shop in 2012.  I was searching for vanilla-scented products and as usual, I tried to find one in dearest TBS 
The Vanilla Bliss body butter was  one delightful choice of their Christmas specials. 
I didn't find it outstanding from the-nose-taste-side.  I wanted a sweet-sugary vanilla.  The Vanilla Bliss smells more like a butter cream with no spices or sugar. 

Anyway, the texture is fine. It's thick, buttery, not heavy.  I used to apply it every single night to keep my skin moisturized.

The other body butter I've tried from The Body Shop are: Strawberry (which is sweet, sour, and sticky, but lovely!), Moroccan Rose (got it as point redeeming's gift), and Chocomania (absolutely sticky, but luckily smells delicious).  

Happy Friday! <3

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