Sabtu, 24 Mei 2014

Veggie Report #foreveriforgetthenumber

Aye, Sir! How you're doing? :D

So, I'm now more vegetarian than I used to be several months ago.  No more chicken. At least I don't drop my choice on any poultry menus anymore.  Woo hoo! What a great achievement for a B blood type person like me.  Since I'm not really...consistent. 

These last two nights, I had dreams about environment and animals.  No idea why.  The first night, I dreamed about seal hunting exhibition.  Eww, it's so bad that I was stucked in a horrible mood for my first 3 hours after woke up.  
Today, I remember that I dreamed about talking to a 'kupat tahu' seller in my hometown to stop using styrofoam and I explain all the risk, especially about how dangerous it is for health and Earth.  In Sundanese! And weirdly, I cried after I had talked with the madame 'kupat tahu'.  I have no idea why. 
Beside the 'kupat tahu' story, I saw a monkey attacked by bees and...he couldn't survived.  I still memorized his eyesight on me, wanting a help but I didn't do anything instead of mourning.  Oh, so sad!  Then I put him on my animals graveyard on my backyard together with Rama, Wimaya, and a bird found spiritless once upon a time.  

I often have that kind of dreams.  Animal's tale.  Eco stories.  I may not a great prestigious tree hugger or an Earth hero.  I'm just a lady with big concern on those issues.  So when it comes to torturing animals, making fun of Earth saving, I can't stand it. 
And yes, it's a part of my dream! And I know this post should actually talk about my prevegetarian life! Ah, who cares.  Going vegan and going green is totally related anyway. 

FYI. Now I'm getting slimmer than ever.  And my facial skin is cleaner.  I believe it's one effect from going pescaterian lately.  Ulala! 

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