Jumat, 01 Agustus 2014

One Fine Friday

100% Pure lip & cheek tint in Peach Glow  - lip glaze in Cabernet - lip butter in Cherry

On this one fine Friday, let me show you my favourite lip products from 100% Pure, and yes, let me serve you my version of green tea latté. ;D

It's made of matcha powder (use only a half teaspoon or you'll end up with a bitter taste), honey, sugar (because I run out of honey), and soy milk which I bought from 'penjaja kembang tahu keliling' a.k.a a man who sells some soy products like tofu and beancurd by travelling around the residences. :D

Since I've been obsessed with colourful sprinkles (or chocolate flakes or whatever), I put some cake decoration on the top! :D Yaay!

And, that's all I want to say today. Later, I'll come to you with reviews of a body butter! Guess what body butter is it. :D

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