Sabtu, 10 September 2016

Oh, Hey!

It's been a while, then, since Citraramya became a minimalist blog! Ahey!
You know what? Listing a haul post every month is more stressing than saying how much I've decluttered on a week.  Seriously. HAHA.

The last thing I've cleaned up in my space was my colouring tools. You might remember how many drawing markers I collected?

in case you had a hard time remembering...

It's my stack since 2012.  Some colourful Copic my Daddy got as a present, Finecolour markers that I thought I need but ended up as a...decoration stick in a drawer? Always purchased 2 Muji fine pen. And all, everything I bought in the name of 'artistic life of an illustrator'.

In fact, I'm not even 50% an illustrator, and 70% of these colouring tools are useless now. Why? How? Because I'm busy using watercolour and acrylic now, because it's more durable, flexible, and somehow natural for my hand. And....60% of my life is spent in front of a piano or playing viola, or facing some kids learning to play music (or to lie to a parent about the red, I'm kidding.). I only draw for important things and I don't have any other time to doodle things up in full colour like the old times (such as...2010s). Do not worry. I still draw.  You see. This blog is still full with my drawings.
Maybe I was optimistic about the funky, trendy colourful illustration that I can make with tons of markers in my drawer.  Honestly, markers are not quite flexible to my taste. Anyway. But I forced myself to buy 'em because I labeled myself as a future comic-maker.

I should've learnt that some things need to be brought home only when it's realistically-essential. If you have to buy something quickly, make sure it will last long. Because, MARKERS get dry. It's going to dry and you cry. I bought Finecolour because Copic is too expensive. But then due to its cheapness, I thought I can buy more than I have to own. And I just didn't want to feel less rich than everyone else. Oh, shallow me !

This is dangerous: can. The ability to buy more eventhough it's not essentially right.  Or the ability to buy something on sale because it's cheaper (they say), even if you don't need 3 pieces of similar tees after all. The feeling that you are able to buy a premium designer handbag because you want to be accepted in your social circle. Then you give everything to it.  Result: drained energy, wasted money, CLUTTER.

Oh, it's actually more than I want to write today.  I don't actually write today, but I got this idea to share with you. Haha.

So. Here's a fulfilling photo for everyone:

Happy Saturday Night! :)
Care for orangutans, please!

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