Jumat, 14 Oktober 2016

Tiny Talk in One Raincoat-Friendly Evening

Actually, I've just organized (and ditched) my old sketchbooks and papers. Phew! There's a lot of 'em! I've found a lot of sketches drawing myself with oxford shoes, hippest fashion item, and stuff.

Randomly thinking about my early 20s. Or, well, call it...post-teenager age. You remember about my post of oxford shoes? Yes. It's definitely in my early 20s when all I could think about was : "I CAN FINALLY AFFORD MY DREAM SHOES, A DRESS I'VE LOOKING FOR SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. I RULE THE WORLD! I WANNA LOOK COOL!", etc.

So it's that...short-term. After I bought it, I got bored. And it goes on and on. Such a classic capitalism-victim trouble, huh? Mixed with some kind of puberty hormones and seeking for true self through style. LOL.

Honestly, I still love mixing and matching my outfit. But earlier, my concern was 'the ability to shine and spark and be 'me' and lookin' good!'. Now, I think it becomes 'I hope this mix is warm enough for windy season' or 'I assume this is light enough for that bright sunlight above.'
Becoming more functional? Yes. 20% of me. 80% of it was just...what colour is my mood today. But most of my curated clothing articles are pink or multicoloured and vintage. So. Definitely, I have only a few choices:

+ pink / multicolour and plain light-coloured circle skirt
+ multicolour and plain dark-coloured skirt for period days
+ pink / multicolour and plain denim skirt for busy, mobile hours
+ pink / multicolour and plain denim pants for superduper maceuh day
+ pink / multicolour and polkadot denim pants for period days
+ loose tee and grey legging for random sport session
+ one piece swimsuit...if there's any swimming pool :p

+ black / red / white / light blue with embelished collar top and plain black flare skirt for music concerts or other formal events

+ add a pink thick jacket for cold, dry, or rainy evening
+ add a pink parachute jacket for rainy afternoon
+cardigans for feminine mood or when all the jackets are in laundry ( anyway, I can't appreciate cardigan too much now, since it's quite fragile...with my style of living and moving)

(OK. Suddenly I recall that all my dresses are so useless lately...wellllll.....)

Alright. Here's a little picture of how I curate my outer look by single main bottom / top of my choice. The concept is quite similar with a story. There's a main character and some good protagonists around to do a mutualism symbiosis. Haha. Do you get it? Whatever. Just LOOK :

Hey! Look! How practical is my life now! XD
( and how I miss using a beige-ish background without any influence of today's trend of minimalistic monochrome!!!)

This habit has given me a lot of...you know, more time to practice, more time to draw, more time to...procrastinate in high quality. :p
Like, now I never spend even 15 minutes in front of the mirror.  I have a wedding party soon in Sunday and I think I will only need 10 minutes to get ready. Formal events mixture, superduper simple hairdo, eyebrow pencil, and lipstick. Okay...a thin layer of foundation. Watch and stone bracelet. I'm good. Thank you. I will probably wear my slip on shoes.

Oh. Wait. One of my dress was used, actually. In my last concert. It's a gift from my friends! :)
HAHAHA. After a year, finally. And the dress was matched with...a slip-on shoe. Thanks, everybody. When you say no to high-heels, it's...simply no. Why suffer when you have a choice to feel comfortable?

<< just a little glimpse of my latest look during a String Camp, in a very, very small size, don't click to zoom or you'll regret later. Trust me, it's a spam. :p Anyway, tee, slip-on, and jeans. My 23 years old version would be mad at me, huh? Perhaps she'd asked me, "Where's your midi skirt? Where's your feminine-vintage style? Where's the floral??" Whatever, Ning. Move on. You are an angkoter ! REALISTIC !

<< and I know it's more important to save some Rupiahs for a set of new string for Lai other than buying those expensive local brands newest items

<< and invest in more time to practice scales, both minor and major with different techniques

<< plus, watercolour skill !

<< and think about how to ban plastic straws in street food islands while struggling to stay vegetarian even if someone offers me a grilled canned tuna with sambal matah.

I wonder what's your effort to be a responsible Earth citizen and becoming a better humanbeing?
I started with stop eating animals, spreading the word, choosing more natural toiltetries, decided to wear cloth menspad, and now, stop shopping continuously for clothing pieces, because most fashion industries are...you know, cruel. I became a vegetarian because it's dumb to 'hungrily donate' to animal tortures. And, now, what about paying for another form of Earth destruction ( such as wasteful big fashion industries [ that may contains animal-cruelty, humanity and labor rights issue, too!] and unhealthy GMO foods?)? I don't want to! Do you?

Be happy all the time and be thankful for the patient Mother Earth!
Happy Friday!

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