Rabu, 16 November 2016

The Colour Combo

Some capsule wardrobe experts create their colour circle. Or pallette. Or whatever you name it. The point is: the general colour combination of your wardrobe to be sticked on.

I am not a strict, organized person. But naturally, I'm building a pallette in my daily outfit choice. Without noticing it!

Caution : some items in the illustration are not really something I possess. But it's generally something I'd like to wear...or it's just cute to be drawn. Hehe.
Anyway. After a while, here's my general colour pallette :
Pink, denim, yellow, and blue. Yes, it's just so me! Plus, some grey shade for cleanliness and neutralizer. You know, I'm full of emotion and excitement. Something has to...calm me down. :p

And, anyway, some printed stuff is ME. I do love pattern game! XD 

There you go. My pallette. Do you have a colour pallette for your wardrobe organisation? :D

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