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Haturnuhun, Taun 2016

hello, Peko Poko

Oh, unexpectedly, it's December already!
This means, the year 2016 will end soon. Wow, time flies!

If I have to name this year, maybe 2016 is a Clutter-Cleaning year. I got a lot of question about clutters, and letting go so many stuff around that have no more functional function (?) and magically started affecting my parents. A couple of human that I thought as impossible to join my clutter-cleaning movement. So, I'm touched by their kindness to support me, tho'. And they sell some of their random stuff, too! It's such a progress. Since it's crazy to walk alone through this journey.

Besides being free from a hoarder trait, I'm back to my musical path. I think I've found that music is my passion, so I'll always be with music. No matter how far I've wandered around, I always come back to the music. Or meeting music person. And other things. Like it's...stick with me. Accepting it as a fate, I think I'm grateful! ;)

Oyeah. And, recalling the biggest events of the year: my brother's getting married, doing a track-jogging in a sport field with Inez and becoming 'norak' because we never did it before, hahaha. Went to Singapore and saw A LOTTA SESAME STREET, plus...being with 4 A-blood types, 2 O-types, and 1 AB altogether with no water element (from zodiac)...oh, it's fun and crazy. Aoh. Human Jet Coaster. The Mummy track. Definitely an epic experience. (for a lady that never visited DUFAN)

MUSIC CAMP! Aw, yeah. My favourite music camp annual event. I've missed the camp for, like, 2 years, that's why it's so lovely to join 'em again. Another event? Ah, Gaby's wedding. Meeting school friends and spent an evening with them.

Ordered my first vegan cake from Kilivi/Talli Bhumi and it's delicious. Surprised my Mother on her birthday--for the first time in my life, hahaha.

Eh, and, hey, LSO gatherings! In November we held a barbeque session. It's cute that people remember my vegetarianism and gave me...grilled corn and sweet potatoes. And pumpkin soup. And fish, they believe I eat fish so they bought a fish for me unexpectedly, lol,  I ate a little of it anyway, hahaha. Thank you folks to at least remember! Had a good time playing UNO Stacko in twisted plots, by the way.

In December, we had another one-day trip. Almost canceled but happened anyway. Less people involved, but still, many laughters and happiness.

Ah, I'm not an expert in listing small details and stories, but let me show you some picture and a list of randomness, again.


"You're so slim now," said Kokol my brother, on May. 
"OMG you're even thinner now," said Kokol my brother, again, on December. 

"D'you still eat fish?" my friends asked. "What about eggs?"
They're consistently questioning my eating style, but, no problem.

"Monday is mop day," said Mama every single Monday.

"Please heat up the car machine," Papa asked me every Monday dan Wednesday. Duh. 

"Notice your right hand." Just my friend commenting on my viola playing.

"Just bring the cat home, Neng!" said random men around me everytime I feed a stray cat. 

"Ning," said everyone. (continued with various topics)

Well, though it's annoying, I'm happy that I'm surrounded by people who cares and pays attention. LOL.  

Last but not least, what about you? Did you enjoy 2016 so far ?  

favourite beverage, ever !

got lost in a small residential area and met this blacky

some shade...


charging my energy through the nature

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