Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Bonjour, Decembre! :)

So actually, December 1st is my brother’s birthday.  He was in Jakarta but is heading to Bandung this night.  :) Happy 26 years of life, Brondong! :D

LOL, after all, I went to The Body Shop store at Bandung Indah Plaza yesterday, because I’m a December person too (my birthday is coming in 21 days ahead)! So I took my birthday gift, redeemed 150 points of my Love Your Body card, and bought a shampoo. 

Finally, I brought home:

1. Rainforest Balance Shampoo-250 ml, a shampoo with no sulphates, parabens, colourants, neither silicones (read as: biodegradable, eco-friendly, you-friendly, whatsoever)! This one I got is specialized for oily-hair, like mine. It contains White Nettle Oil, Pracaxi Oil, Seaweed, and Community Trade Aloe Vera.  So this company has Eco-Conscious standard which explains that the product is respectful to the aquatic environment, using sustainable material for the packagings.  Good!

2. Strawberry Shower Gel-60 ml.  I always dream of this shower gel at my house, and I got it for free! LOL.  Anyway, the SA asked me to choose between this berry-berry nice shower gel and Japanese Cherry Blossom body puree in the same size.  Surely I pointed to the red thick liquid in tiny bottle. :P I love strawberry so much!

3. Morrocan Rose Gift Box, filled with Morrocan Rose Shower Gel-60 ml, Morrocan Rose Body Butter-50 ml, pink shower puff (TBS calls it: bath lily), and a pair of pink bath gloves (to exfoliate dead skin cells better).  All in pink! I love it! By the way, the scent reminds me of Mawar skincare series from Sariayu Martha Tilaar.  It’s rose! It’s pink! It’s mild and feminine! :D  The only cons are the methyl-to-propyl parabens that listed at last words of ingredients part.  :S Well, it’s not that easy to avoid parabens.  Meh. But I love the fragrance, really! :) Flowery.  And it’s a gift from points, I love gift! Irrestisible.  <3

Thank you, The Body Shop! :)

At last, December come with rain and sun come together in one day (haha, that’s Indonesia).  What’s your plan for December, beautiful girls? :)

*about the illustration? Mixed tools in schedule book paper. Made with happiness of December. It’s mine, don’t steal it without permission. (but reblogs allowed)  :3 Happy December!

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