Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

New and Improved! :)

Okay, first, I lost my scanner… :(( Wuahh.

Well, that’s not weird, since the scanner is not mine. :P It belongs to a friend of my brother who forgot that her scanner were left in my house.  So yesterday she took it back.  Bye, bye, Canon LiDe 25… :’)

But my Papa said that he will buy a scanner at the end of year.  :D Yippie!

Not just about scanner, I’d like to update my skincare life.  I am recently stopped all my The Body Shop's Nutriganics product because I found it overhydrating for my oily skin, and switch to Red Rice of L’Occitane.

And I love Red Rice so much!

I wash my face with Red Rice Foaming Cleanser twice a day.  How oily your face is, don’t cleanse (with a cleanser, I mean) your face more than 2 times! Except you feel so dirty, dusty (ehm, Cinderella?). Do a cleansing too much will irritate your skin.

Après ça, I let it dry after do a puff-puff with a softer part of my towel.  Then it’s time to apply the moisturizer! :)  My pump-y Red Rice Ultra-Matte Face Fluid does its job nicely.  Simply get a pea size, make 5 spots with the liquid on your nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin, and there you go slide it through the whole face upward or downward or circular, as you wish. It absorbs beautifully with a right measure of moisturized feeling. :) (Btw, I read somewhere that appying your skincare with upward motions could reduce aging. Because it has contrary directions with gravity. A bit logical, but is it work? Let’s see 40 years ahead…)

After 2 weeks living with that moisturizer I talked about, I’m over the moon now! It does what it have to do. (>u<) It mattifies, gives moisturization, and makes my pores smaller! My acnes have been sooo in supertiny amount. I noticed that wonderful change about one week ago.  Oh, thank you, L’Occitane! :*

I mixed my Red Rice with Seaweed from The Body Shop.  Last year, I used to be a Seaweed lover, I tried the facial wash, day cream, lotion with SPF, exfoliator, pore perfector,…almost the whole range, but stopped for a cliché reason: parabens, I mean paraben + s = methyl, ethyl, buthyl, propyl, isopropyl, whatsoever paraben in the facial wash and day creams. Actually they’re a good trio.  Very good one.  The facial wash is gel-like, mild, soap-free, and cleanse well.  Also the moisturizer that is light, soft, cool, satisfying, mattifying, with Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E, I guess?) as an addition, same as the one with SPF with a thicker texture.  But, I had to say bye bye, anyway.  :(

But I keep my loyalty to Seaweed just to one product: the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask which I bought when I was using Nutriganics.  It attracts impurities from my pores like a magnet from clay combination. Parabens-free.  :)  Good!

Last week, I purchased Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser, I tried it in about 3 days, it removes my blackheads-whiteheads a little.  Maybe, sustainable using will show more significant result, but I decided to make it a weeky regimen only because it’s a scrub, actually.  :D

Another info, I also not using any pore pack these days.  Too lazy.  Sometimes it also make a pimple pops suddenly on the nose.

So that’s my new and improved (improve in the product’s price, actually. Oh, L’Occitane, you’re so expensive either effective!) skincare habit. Let see how long I will hold it the same way. :3 Tell me yours!


Please take care of your skin, it’s a precious gift from The Creator Master a.k.a God. :)

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