Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

(4) Freshen Up!

tatalyus lagi mahitala-bersatu untuk Bumi-united for Earth

Modern life offers things such as techno-building, canned-food, sausage, hard road, luxury car, air conditioner, geniusphone, and so on, attracts us to live inside the life of speed and artificials. 

But don’t you miss that blue sky above, the green green grass, and dragonflies and life without ringtones and machine-chorus? Why don’t you go to a park or your house’s backyard, bring a fresh apple, and eat it, enjoy the crunchiness while you sit on the grass and watching sky? That would be so nice! After 10 minutes long, you’ll be addicted to be back to nature! And btw, yes, apple is SO healthy. :)

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