Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Me, Moi, et L'Amour

Hola, this is February now, and the sacred month reminds us of…Valentine’s Day!

In fact, I’m still single and I have no idea why! LOL.  :)) But, I’m happy so far. 

Valentine doesn’t have to be gloomy if you’re single and should be celebrated everyday, not once in a year. :P

I usually spend My Sweet Valentine with family and friends.  Sometimes I made/buy chocolate/cookies for my best friends.  They do the same with me.  As three single ladies, it’s satisfying enough for us. :)

Naa, on the year 2563 a.k.a 2012, I dedicate my Valentine to: Dear Mother Earth! Why? Because she needs some love.  And to show my love, I’ll share green tips every single day, maybe not exactly everyday, but I’ll try to do it everyday. :)

And if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Mother Earth, please share the tips, do the suggestions, and love her fully.

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