Jumat, 06 April 2012

Let’s go somewhere peaceful and sing with your banjo! <3

-it’s almost Saturday night, ladies-

By the way, sorry, I haven’t reviewed a product or create any DIY mask recipe.  Been busy with piano and small kids out there! *and those kids, errrr, I really want to bring them home since they’re adorable and cute!* Plus it’s already Easter Holy Days.  From Thursday too Good Friday, and Easter Night and Easter Sunday.  My lovely friends in orchestra and me will be there on Easter Sunday’s ceremony…so, yeah, rehearsals. And I’m editing my novel! Yeay! If you want to know about my novel, here it is…


But don’t worry, I’ve prepared some sketch of products! :) See you soon in my reviews…next week, I promise. ;)

Okay, Happy Easter anyway! :* Go grab some eggs to be decorated! Yippie! Go hug a bunny! Go to church and sing happily! LOL. 

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