Minggu, 06 Januari 2013

Life Between Two Years

I had a good Saturday Night right before I turned 21 the day after.

It was really exciting that I couldn’t sleep well.

Rain poured down on me but I’m heavenly happy. <3

Then I celebrated my 21th birthday. Yay! :D

I spent the morning at home, then I went to church for orchestra rehearsal. 

By the way, after the rehearsal, I got a surprise! It’s my very first birthday surprise.  But the best part of it, I received two precious bunny babies! Alive and cute! Male and female! :’D Thank you, friends!

I name those bunnies Rama and Wimaya.  They are superbly sweet and lovely!

Then it’s Christmas already.

My orchestra played in Christmas ceremony at 10.00 AM, and I became the conductor for one song: ‘Di Betlehem Tlah Lahir’, since I arranged the song myself.  Other 3  friends did the same with me. :)

Some euphoria strikes everywhere on Christmas! Lol. :D

But then here’s the gloomy part. 

I had a trip to Jogjakarta.  Has been planned for a long time.

Papa, Mama, my brother, and my cousin, went to Lampung. 

I left Rama and Wimaya alone at home.  I felt guilty.  I dreamed of Rama and Wimaya in the train, I was worrying them, because the last time I played with Rama, he didn’t look so healthy. 

The morning when we (me + friends) arrived in Jogjakarta, Papa told me that Rama died.  :’(( 

I kept my tears for myself.  I just don’t like to cry in front of people.

Three days after Rama’s last day, Wimaya joined him.  So now my bunnies are in Nirwana, Heaven, somewhere outreached. :’(((

I pray for them always. They lived in my house only for less than a week, but their existence will never go away in my heart.  :’(

Thank you for being there for me, Dear Rama-Ya. *hugs*

(meanwhile, I’m writing this at the moment and suddenly feel sooo sad! :’( So sorry if I treated you wrong, my bunnies…)

Alright, but I believe Rama and Wimaya don’t want to let me down.  So, however, I enjoyed a week in Jogjakarta. Prayed for them at temples I visited, at the church, everywhere…

Sun, sand, sea, temples, epicness, train, good foods, animals, recorders, music, bus, absurdity, fun, and the most important part: FRIENDS! :)

Hey, I met my best-friend Inez too there. :D

So that’s my story between (the end of) 2012-(the intro of) 2013

What’s your story? :D

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