Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Tomato Salto!

As usual, I made a silly title for a post. :p

Hello, yellow, people! :) It’s been a while since I reviewed some skin care products.  This one product I’ll review here has actually been in my box since last year.  Call it: Green Choice Masker Tomat. It’s only IDR 7000!

It consists of Solanum lycopersicum(I believe it’s tomato), Murraya paniculata (kemuning flower?), and Amylum oryzae (rice powder).

Produced by Taman Syifafor Green Choice. :) Yoohoo, it’s another Indonesian product!

There’s a folded small paper inside the pocket, along with that powder mask in 2 x 6 grams small plastics, and that paper said:

Manfaat masker:

TOMAT-Menghilangkan noda hitam, membantu memperkecil pori-pori, mengangkat komedo, mencegah timbulnya jerawat.

(reduce dark spots, tighten pores, wipe away whiteheads/blackheads, anti-acne)

By the way, yes, it’s broken white coloured and powdery, you have to mix this with rose water or cold water or…some thick toner! I make dough with my Nutriganics toner of The Body Shop, because it’s thick. And it’s a nice try. :3

How about the effect? Quite good. Guess it works properly.  :)

So far, I like this mask, and I wish the ingredients list written is truly just that much! :D

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