Kamis, 26 Juni 2014

Lama Tak Bersua (Long Time No See)

Hey guys! Hahaha. I've been missing my blog.  I'm having a busy June.  Busy with projects. And life.  And love life (?). LOL.

One of my project can be seen here-just click the picture, sir! It's a short comic about a quirky llama and humans and cat and dog! Cuteness guaranteed. ;) Please read my Wilesaya and leave your comments, okay?


And the other? Yeaa, still with my going-vegetarian life.  I can't stop eating fishes for a while.  I take shrimp, salmon, tuna, and all those creatures. But lately I'm really far from animals I avoid to eat! Thankfully, my friends and relatives understand and stop making fun of my lifestyle. :') 

What about my toiletries life? I've been educating my brother to not using facial foam and he said his skin is better now! :)) LOL.  That's the truth. 
I haven't bought any new cosmetics lately.  But later I'll review some sample of 100% Pure lip glazes.  I have coquette, sultry, lychee, and lip & cheek tint in cranberry.  I love them all! <3 

And yeaaah, I have new nail polishes.  I'll talk about it next month.  :D 

See you fellas! ;)

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