Senin, 30 Juni 2014

I Love Painting My Nails, Dude!

Who doesn't love colouring nails? Who can stand the various colour of nail polishes? 
Who is concern about what's inside the nail polish? 

Ah, yeah.  We have same trouble then. 

In my journey of searching for a better potion for nail colour, I found Innisfree's nail polish collection better than the other brand.  It's free from pthalade, toluene, formaldehyde plus the other harmful things.  It's not as perfect as 'nail polishes made of soy liquid and beetroot with rosemary!' for example (LOL), but it's not bad.  I don't do so much manicure and nail-painting activity, so, I don't use too much nail polish--at least, not as often as using lip butter and lipstick. 
For lip products, hey, I'm very strict! :D

Talking about these polishes, I like the fact that the applicator brush works nicely! It spreads the colour thoroughly, like...magic. It's instantly perfect on nails. Maybe, it's according to the good texture of the polish, too? :p  Anyway, for a clumsy-painter-girl like me, it helps a lot.  

I have 2 Innisfree nail polishes for now: number 42 and 43. Tender brick red and dusty rose. 

I bought these two babies in Audra The Shop.  I think this shop is quite remarkable, though the response can come a little slow--and they reply emails on midnight.  Price? Good! But I trust this shop. 

And...that's all.  I just want to talk a little about this painting thingy. XD 
Happy Tuesday, fellas! :) 

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  1. No photo?

    nice drawing btw
    visit me back: impiccha

    1. Haven't got the time to paint my nails with both colours XD So sorry. I tried to make the colour exactly similar on the illustration. :)

      Thank you for the compliment :) Will come and play to your page.