Rabu, 02 Juli 2014

I Have A Little Hope Here...

The good news is, Utama Spice opened a pop up shop at Riau Junction Bandung! Yes Bandung, I don't have to go far awaaaay to Bali, or Jakarta, or online... *happiness cry*

For you who seek the true natural products, the brand is nice for a beginner! The ingredients list is easy to be read, meanwhile, it smells very spicy--so Indonesia.  If you're not a fan of spices, you can choose Cocoa or Tangerine range.  They have heavenly delicious scent. <3

The best plus point is: it is made in Indonesia, originally. Should I ask for more? Well I should...I hope they produce make up too...hahaha. 

Yesterday, I took a time to check the store.  It looks so-not-glam and that's why I like it.  XD LOL.
The atmosphere is soothing, meditative, with a lot of bamboo and wood ornament.  Everything is well-arranged and I didn't see any plastic bag (which is good).  One cute thing: lip balms are sold for 3 with a sweet ribbon to stick them together.  Ah, I love the shop. :D

Since it's still in promo, and I purchased two products valued more than 30.000 Rupiah, they gave me 2 free two products of my choice in travel size as a gift.  So I brought home 4 containers of lovely potion.  And, well, I guess they're quite multitasking.  The Rose Allure body oil--contains only coconut oil and rose oil--can be used as face moisturizer too.  The Lavender hair oil that is formed by just lavender and coconut oil, I can use it for something else--oil cleansing or facial oil or body oil too.  Maybe, only the Cocoa Love body butter and Fresh Soul body mist who have no alter-ego. :D

I'm happy that I'm stocked up. :)

Come on, visit Utama Spice and make a new habit--always choose the most truly natural toiletries! Make yourself home at this culture.  Later, you'll find that you don't need that much, you only need a simple regimen for your skin.  And sometimes, the potion you want is just a flip away.  For example, just on your backyard, or in your kitchen! Can you imagine how GOOD is it to live with simple and clean habits? You'll find your home ready to take some photo shoots for an interior magazine because you have no stack of unused things! And your toilette and desk are very simple! You may put a pot of flowers there! :D

Save some money, save the Earth! ;)

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  1. wah kapan ya di palembang ada juga :/
    btw aku follow GFC kamu, salam kenal ya..


  2. Halo Inggit :D Makasih udah mampir sini.
    Semoga cepet buka di Palembang juga ya! Di sini buka juga udah kejutan banget buat aku, hehehe. X)

    Aku follow back ya! :D