Rabu, 10 September 2014

Green As Peas

Well, don't be bored with the word 'green' on this blog, okay? :D 
Anyway, have you ever be so frustated with stuff? Like a stack of book, or clothes, or even plates!
You realized how useless those things are but you can do nothing. 

My daddy loves to collect...balms and other pharmacy stuff.  Cajuput oils, Tiger brand balsem, muscle-pain creams, etc.  There are so much at the corners around my house.  Double, triple amount. Isn't that crazy? XD
And sometimes, he forget things easily, he doesn't throw away package wrapping papers or plastic, and buying shampoo in sachets or bottle then keep the empty bottles without any function at all.  LOL. 

Meanwhile, my mommy has so much itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie collectables! From sculptures to paper crafts.  I understand this, since the whole family members are artsy personals.  But somehow things are too many I can't stand looking at our shelves...

Then my brother? He bought so many books and he has plan to sell or donate them but he hasn't start a bit.  He has a bunch of clothes, jackets, shoes, socks, and other he hasn't sort out.  He is so busy! 

What about me? Just the same.  I keep many glass jars, bills, plastic packagings, and all those trashes to be reused, but it becomes a stack! I love anything with reusable containers, but... And oh, I have 7 pair of shoes, great amount of fashion stuff, and...I have no idea again. Hahaha.  I don't quite save so many make up, but they still need 3 boxes! I don't know why!

Here, photos from 2010.  My toiletries collection.  I haven't got time to publish these here, so, now I show you:

I don't show you my desk or wardrobe, by the way.  There will be too many...pernak-pernik.

Oy.  So, it was 2010 or 2011, I forget.  But, look.  I already possessed stuff that I got trouble using it until the last drop.  Like...having 3 products with the same function: body lotion, body butter, body oil! *it is happening this second...

So that's my problem.  Is it your problem too? It is a global problem, Fellas! It influences your financial-life, your interior designer's effort, and Mother Earth (remember that almost every little thing now, always be packaged with plastic pockets?) !

Anybody has solution for this? Alright! I have several ideas on  'how to reduce our habit to collect everything' and 'to avoid stacks around the house'!

First thing first, make a very short shopping list.  Change your will.  You don't need that new pair of shoes or those fancy candies.  Instead of a random flat shoes on department store, maybe you better invest in one high-quality-synthetic-leather shoes from a local brand and make sure it fits almost all of your look.  And, candies? Buy grapes and apples! They are healthier and won't harm your tooth!

Secondly, pray.  I mean, like, pray. Say to yourself that you want to have a better breathing oxygen, you want to see a soothing view, you want to bring home less purchased products, you want to reduce your cleaning-activity.  Give yourself a reason to stop adding more and more fillings into your house! You may even believe that your pet will be happier without all those craps!

Third lesson. Listen to your wallet.  It may sounds basic.  But, seriously, don't pay more than you can actually spend.  Postpone anything you can postpone at the time. Save your time, save your passion to shop and possess.

July the Fourth. Remember Bea Johnson.  Hahaha. She is my role model.  I won't live totally like her anyway.  I'm an artist, I need a lot of colouring tools, drawing and crafting medias, and all.  But at least I'll try to reduce my rubbish with all my love to Mother Earth and to my mental-health.  :p

Fifth. OPEN A GARAGE SALE.  This activity is quite effective.  But please, please plant this into your mind: when a stuff sold, it doesn't mean you have an excuse to buy a substitution. No. It means you want to give more space to breathe, not a space to be filled again.  Hahaha. Alright.  Advertisement.  Please visit my garage sale Instagram: Huraya Garage Sale. Thank you!

Sixties Era. Go vintage.  Live like our ancestors.  Be a little stingy.  Buy a natural soap instead of mainstream shampoos, invest a vinegar too.  Use DIY skin care, but stay critical! Bring reusable bags (or even a cute basket) to your traditional market and, slowly, you teach these vegetable vendors to ask the customer whether he/she wants a plastic bag or not.  It may clicks the unrevealed green spirits out there! You know, there are many, many people who brings eco bag everywhere but they always forget to use it properly and end up using usual plastic bags, and it becomes...another culture.

Seven habits.  Oh, sorry, it's a book title.  Hm, the last solution I know for a while: find a large box, put everything annoying into that, and...throw them away or donate them to those who might need your treasure! xoxo

another 2011 collection :p ah, I miss that bag

So, ready to be cleaner and greener and prettier? :D 

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