Selasa, 23 September 2014

Veggie Report (and tiny recipe)

I'm back! Here I am at home alone, nobody's around and I eat whatever in my sight.  
I open this morning with a banana-strawberry-smoothies! Smoothies? Yes, smoothies! Alright, 3 'smoothies' word is enough. 

Here's my beautiful smoothies: 


-2 bananas ( I use pisang ambon)
-3 strawberries (I got local organic ones)
-1 and a half cup of plain almond milk (got this from Yummylk as usual)
-1 tablespoon honey (mine is 'Madu Bunga Rambutan' from Green Choice)

Prepare 1 blender, but not for a material, but a tool to mix all these crunchy little things above! Cut the banana and strawberry first, then put inside the blender.  So, blend them properly, about 30 seconds. 
(how many times you see the world 'blend' ?)

After that, you'll get a foamy smoothie.  Top with whatever you like.  Fruit slices, chia seeds, almond nuts, matcha powder, lemon, anything! :D 

Lately, I've been in the mood for cooking.  Anything I can cook, I cook.  I even wish I'll marry a chef! LOL.  Or at least a man with a will to make a meal and a will to be my partner forever.  
Vegetarian preferred.  
*eh kok curhat?

The other 'manyunpiece' I made on Monday--the only free day I have--is this miso butter pasta.  I read the recipe on Martha Stewart's website, then I did a bit improvisation. 


-300 g pasta--whatever you like--I found a spinach fettuccine, so I used that
-1/4 cup miso paste
-1 shallots, slice
-basil, rosemary (I have my rosemary plant picked)
-6 tablespoons unsalted butter

As an addition, I bought a salmon fillet.  My mother and father would love to eat too, so I have to put some meat for them--they still want some meat.  Sorry to say, salmon kids, I still eat your ancestors... :'( 

Anyway, this is very easy to make! First, cook the pasta until al dente ( I feel cool saying this name) and drain.  
Simmer your shallot sprinkles, with butter.  Then add miso and water.  Water is needed to avoid the seasonings to be stikcy! Toss with pasta plus those herbs you've prepared before.  
Mix well, and it's ready!

If you use salmon, as I did, marinate salmon with lemon juice and salt first.  It's going to be more delicious. 

If you happen to be strictly vegan, use tofu or mushroom! :D

Thankfully, people in my house said this cuisine is delicious ;)

And that's all my report! Stay concern with EARTH, fellas.  
Keep your love of animals (and those humanbeings around you). 

By the way, you know the reason why we should start cooking at home more often? Remember those delivery or take away service we like in town? Yeah, you see that right.  It's yummy! Okay, it's really yummy to be honest. And practical.  Saves a lot of time and energy.  The last point is wrong. 


Yap. Time? We have to: call, order, wait. If it is too slow, we have to wait longer.
Energy? Delivering food with motorcycle or even car is quiet a carbon footprint.  Couldn't blame this topic too much because I still send and receive many packages via JNE and other courrier services.  But, the food should have a container, right? And...what kind of container we usually find? 


Please just make your own conclusion about those materials.  



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