Sabtu, 24 Januari 2015

Almost Famous, Almost There

Hey Doodles! How ya' doin'? LOL.  Forget my classic Memphis style talk, whatsoever.

I haven't prepared any review, honestly.  But I already hold some products to be chit-chatted about.  Not today! On this lovely Saturday, I'd like to motivate you and myself to start this 'Almost There' quest.  The point of this game is to check whether you already need to buy a new product, or not yet.  We're going to talk in details: separate some of my products into groups and check whether I will empty it soon or later.

Ah, to be quick, TADAA! There the first gang of Goggle-Five of the talk:

Aye, aye. 5 products in total! How's their condition? 

Okay. Start with the concealer.  I rarely use this paste, so, okay, the reduction is just sooooo...small.  Can anyone find me a reason to use more concealer? :))

And this 4-years-old foundation? Horray! It's seriously almost there! :D Look at the very tiny amount on the corner. 

And yes, I've been trying to use a body moisturizer religiously and sometimes I fail.  

But anyway, I've been through 70% of the oil and it's nearly empty! 

My two stick-formed face appliance (what?).  My sweet 100% Pure Lip & Cheek Tint is actually only a quarter more.  About the Babo Botanicals sunscreen, the remaining stick is invisible, but, I think it's not a long way to go.  Furthermore, it is already a bit dirty and get more sticky.  Is there something wrong with this sunscreen? :/

As you guys maybe have recognized, I have way too many products.  Sometimes, I have double or triple  stuff with exactly the same function.  What a waste! What a pile!

To make your sight better, here I paste the picture again:

Thankfully, I've finished some of them: Cocoa Love Body Butter, solid perfume, one of the handcream, two jars of Aromanaturals, the scrub, oh, c'est tout. Yes, at least I've tried.  And, to make the challenge easier, now I will show you the products that the status is 'Almost There' a.k.a Tinggal Sedikit or just call them 'near empty'!

So, at least, for this month, I promise myself to empty those 5 bottles and jars and containers! For tidiness' sake! Natural products aren't super strong to be kept too long, though.  Seriously, people, we really have to reduce buying without thinking.  I've learned it my way.  What about you? Do you have a pile of cosmetics you definitely frustated with? I guess, eventhough we love to possess A LOT of beauty products, we have the limit.

Because, unused items will be a stack of trash.  And the trash would be swallowed by happy fishes out there in the ocean.  Imagine yourself, what would happened after that. Note: the case is, trash' material is non-biodegradable plastic. Sad.   :')

Yes, I know, I will still buying stuff.  But I'll reduce it.  I'll pay for what I need.  Not paying the pre-rubbish items. Do a swap or buy preloved if needed. Yeah, let's hold hands and learn the new habit together, folks! Yippie!

6 komentar:

  1. I know how hard it is to finish just one Chapstick. Body oils, tints, etc. but it's always good to stick to them till they finish before buying more products. :)

    1. Yep! :D I've been trying to habitated myself in that lifestyle - only buy when the previous one's empty.

      Thanks for coming by! ;)

  2. Wuaaah, kalau aku malah cepet banget habisin lip balm xD Tapi namanya perempuan ya, kadang ada aja produk yang fungsinya sama tapi tetep dibeli, hihihi :)

    1. Wah, aku kalau habisin lip balm justru lama banget. :)) Entah bibirnya kekecilan atau selalu kelupaan.

      Perempuan emang jago! Jago belanja. XD

  3. Yah gitu deh ya.... Mulai dari diskon sampai karena kemasannya lucu, kita selalu aja ada alasan untuk membeli produk baru. Apalagi blogger...


    1. Bener, hahaha, tapi justru karena blogger, harus mawas diri nih. Entar kalau kita terus-terusan belanja nggak keruan, pengikut bloggernya ikutan. Makin nular. XD Bahaya kan! Hehehe.