Senin, 29 Desember 2014

The Tale of Mr.John

Oh, dear, it's nearly 2015 in 3 days! What have you planned for next year? I have no specific plan. 

I'd like to have a glimpse on a product I invest for days ahead. 
It is called John Masters Organic - Rose & Apricot Antioxidant Day Creme.

First, why I choose antioxidant? Because the world's air is quite poisonous lately.  Need something to intoxinate my skin! 

Secondly, hey, it's apricot.  How sweet the sound! 

And, creme? For oily skin? Come on, not all creme is bad for skin with oil trouble.  Our concern is the ingredients.  If it's in gel form, oil free, but contains dimethicone, it could cause traffic pore jam or blocked pores! If you're allergic to avocado oil, it may gives you red spots.  Whatever.  Really, don't eat what people say.  Try to see your condition first, baby. 

So, day after day, I was Googling about this day moisturizer--one thing I didn't have months ago. Here's the information I got from the official source

a light moisturizer enriched with natural botanicals

This light yet potent formula is infused with apricot oil and peach & rice extract to help reduce wrinkles and promote cellular turnover. High in omega-6, this creme hydrates and protects the skin against harmful bacteria, while oat kernel extract stimulates pro-collagen production resulting in soft, healthy skin. 
key ingredients
  • rose flower oil - softens and nourishes skin
  • apricot - treats dryness
  • peach - a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids; tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and lightens age spots
  • rice - softens and heals while helping to prevent wrinkles
  • oat kernel - stimulates collagen production; revitalizing; protects against UVA rays; anti-inflammatory
  • borage oil - restores moisture; highest GLA source
  • aspen bark - new all-natural preservative; protects against harmful bacteria


  • enriched with anti-oxidants
  • extremely gentle for sensitive skin
  • increases hydration and retains moisture


  • for normal to dry skin
  • can be used over serum for extra moisture

Voilà. After I read that long essay, I dropped my choice.  And after a month waiting, tadaa, the bottle arrived safely! Along with a cute natural-like box.

Now, to the ingredients list:


Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice*, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, glycerin*, butyrospermum parkii (shea) nut butter*, rosa damascena (rose) flower water*, borago officinalis (borage) seed oil, populus tremuloides (aspen) bark extract, cetyl esters wax, avena sativa (oat) kernel extract*, oryza sativa (rice) extract*, malpighia glabra (acerola) fruit extract*, camellia sinensis (white tea) leaf extract*, spirulina platensis (algae) extract*, triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil*, sodium hyaluronate, prunus armeniaca (apricot) extract*, calophyllum inophyllum (foraha) seed oil*, prunus persica (peach) extract*, rosa damascena (rose) flower oil*, tanacetum annuum flower oil, anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower oil, xanthan gum, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract*, potassium sorbate, geraniol†

* Certified Organic
† A natural component of essential oils

So far, there's nothing too dangerous inside.  I was a bit skeptical about shea butter on my skin, but, thankfully, it's nothing but goodness! :D Horray!
Look, the base is aloe vera juice.  What a blessing! I also see rice extract--known to absorb excess oil sometimes.  And, acerola fruit extract! Don't forget the...APRICOT! The star of this creme. 

How it goes on me? Oh, it slides nicely on the face, not really light, but not terribly waxy.  Just the right expectation of a facial cream.  It aids my skin from the season's windy dryness.  I don't see any pimples popped after using this during these weeks. The scent is herb-y, reminds me of a valley where I can sing, "The hills are aliii~ve with the sound of muu~sic." with my deep alto voice.  Hahaha. 

Anyway, please note, you only need a veeeery small amount.  Around a corn seed-size for every application.  Moreover if you're a chihuahua. Your face must be sooo small and cute! Woof!  But I guess no chihuahua needs moisturizer, right? 

I have no regret for purchasing this small brownish bottle.  It's my skin saviour! :D 

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  1. You're back! So goo to see you on my feedly dashboard again. :)

    1. Hi Phanie! Yes, I'm back. :D Glad to see you here!

  2. Untuk kulit kering yah, aku pikir all skin type. Hoho

    Oia main main ke blog dakoh yah

    1. Spesifiknya untuk kulit kering, tapi kulitku berminyak dan gapapa tuh. :D Jadi menurutku, bisa buat all skin types.

      Trima kasih udah mampir!

  3. Belum pernah coba, tuh. Tapi was-was juga soalnya kulitku oilynya lumayan lebay, hihihi.

    1. Kulitku oilynya pun lumayan. Aman-aman aja di aku. Hehehe. :D

  4. Sounds promising :) tapi ngga tau dimana belinya :(

    noniq's diary | A blog by Noniq

    1. Harus dari web-web internasional atauuu titip temen, ataaau cari yang buka PO US. :D