Minggu, 27 September 2015

Farewell to The Long Summer

There was a storm in my hometown.  Heavy rain and excessive wind blows. Trees are falling onto the ground and I believe a chaos happened on the road.  Thankfully I was home, talking with an elementary school kiddo. She's a friend of mine.  Once, she's my neighbour, below. ( I live in 2nd story).

Talking about rain, yes, the rain came after a long...long heat of the sun.  Seriously, it's not normally this hot during the day and afternoon.  But this year's a hit! I don't know what is the exact cause.  My first expectation is surely the global warming phenomenon--duh, it's been forever.  Or perhaps it's a storm in the sea.  El nino or something.

Or it's just The Sun being bold!?

Whatever.  But remember, during the hot weather, always befriend a sunscreen and a lot of summer fruits: mango, pineapple, papaya, etc.  Ah, I know Our Creator has created a very detailed system.  He makes all those refreshing-sweet fruits grow during summer in tropical country.  So generous! :)

Don't leave your tumbler behind, too.  Bring it everywhere.  You're going to need a lot of water supply, but don't consume too much bottled water since it is definitely a big, big waste on our landfills!

Anyway, after a week, the rain hasn't make a come back.  HAHAHA.  It just hopped and said 'hello, I'm exist!' and went away again.

Rain, rain, you're quirky!

While it's still summer in rainy season months, wear those light tees or blouses and shirts and circle skirt and shorts or skorts and enjoy living in Indonesia, with The Sun above our head. :)

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