Kamis, 01 Oktober 2015

Aren't You Tired of Throwing Every Single Thing Instantly?

Ah, sorry for the long, long title! :D

But, seriously, do you ever feel like you're so exhausted with this grab-go-gone situation? You buy a drink, throw the bottle right away.  You enjoy a pocketful of bastagor bumbu kacang kecap manis and you toss that plastic (sometimes, double plastic) immediately.

You have some coffee from your favourite cafĂ© and you never bring the paper cup home.  Noodles at the loveliest restaurant in town and you should see a styrofoam box flying right away into the bin? Fragile plastic shopping bags from the supermarket...EUGH.

Oh, crap, even if we do that to not piling up our house, we still create another pile outside! On the landfills! Hey, maybe we've successfully declutter our wardrobe and living room, but we still clutter around the neighborhood! 

How rapid and thoughtless our lifestyle is! We can't even drink anything more than 1 minute because we're always ( acting like we're ) hectic, busy, and trendy ( meh ). That's how we fill the Earth with rubbish in the end.  Because we do everything impulsively. Even all disposable products are the result of our impatient life rhythm.

Since I found out that we, humans, are so destructive to our Beloved Planet Earth, I've been trying to be a reuser.  I started with using reusable lunch box and shopping bag back then when I was around 16-17 years old.  I avoid plastic / styrofoam box at school's canteen by bringing my own food container all the time.  Besides being ecofriendly, I eat slowly.  20 minutes of break is not always enough to eat up all the meal I have.  Don't forget that I have to order the lunch first in first 5 minutes!

I've encouraged my family to use reusable shopping bags since 2008.  It's not easy at first.  I have to remind them all the time, I have to be super duper assertive.  And cautious! I begged to buy a SuperIndo shopping bag, and then Griya's reusable tote.  I have to be strong and (somehow) patient about speaking, "No carrier, please!" to the cashier staff and get that 'you're weird!' eyegaze.

But what is the result? My Mom and Dad is now addicted to use these cotton bags to bring their groceries, even snack or new towel stock! Everything! I'm now an automatic plastic rejector ( is this word exist? ), and they are very similar to me now.

After I feel everyone is good at this step, I found out another trouble called...STRAW.  Those pretty PLASTIC STRAWS.  Do you realized how quick it is to change the status of a straw.  From a decoration to a functional pipe and voilĂ , it becomes a waste.  It will travel to the nearest sea and hey, a sea turtle swallow it and get hurt...so, yeah, that instant straw can be evil. Though it doesn't mean to do so.

One day, I heard about glass and bamboo straws as an alternative.  Y'know, we can drink some beverages without straw at all, but it doesn't work for some kind of liquids--sometimes depends on the container's shape, too.

Not only straw.  There are more you'll probably find in most food court or food truck around the country.  Plastic eating tools: spoon, fork, bamboo chopstick's wrap, abundant tissue papers, etc.  Sounds a lot? Yes it is a lot.

But if I'm the only person who uses reusable alternatives in this place, will I create an effect? I don't know.  

Anyway, I'm so impressed with the condition in Ubud, Bali.  Where I can find so many vegan restaurants I'm touched and oh, there are plastic / bamboo straws being used FOR REAL ( never find one in Bandung, huh! ). I ate here and there without worry and guilt. And I'm free from that separate-the-meat-and-give-it-to-your-brother scene! I'm inspired. 

Not only being enviromentally kindhearted, they support the slow-eating movement.  Eat with heart, mindfully.  Do not hesitate.  Do not be greedy.  Keep calm, inhale, exhale, eat like it's the best moment in your life.  The food shall have better taste in your consciousness!

Bali Island is so-sea-y.  Maybe they have bigger concern and effort because they actually see the oceans are filled with unbiodegradable craps.  Marine creatures are disturbed!

Okay, maybe I live in Bandung.  We may not be the ones who see the actual destruction.  But we have to realize that what we do here could give an impact there.  So, be responsible and release your ego a little, please.  Consider what you throw and what you do. 

Get busy! Try to reuse things from now on. Bye disposable straw, spoon, fork, plate, box, bottle... and sanitary napkins (for ladies).

The clock is ticking and we only have ONE SINGLE Planet Earth  ( until someone discovered that Saturn might be able to hold a life, but it is a little too early, right? )

If you find that this post is not systematic, uhm, I'm sorry.  A little sleepy when writing. :) 





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