Senin, 18 Januari 2016

A Week without Refrigerator

So, last Tuesday, I had a problem with this thunderstorm and heavy rain in my city.
My kitchen was flooded with water from the broken ceiling.
Coincidentally, it happened behind the refrigerator.  And more coincidentally, my Mom has been thinking about giving away that old, tired, space-eater refrigerator back to the house' owner--for months.  It needs to be repaired and it's a little too big for my tiny kitchen + dining room.

The nature gave us a chance.  It's too dangerous to let a refrigerator with a local raindrops. Plus it's the time. Well, there it was. We handed the refrigerator to the 'Spiderman' of our neighborhood.

But the risk is...

...ugh yeah, I live with no 'kulkas' for a week!

I told my Mom, though, "Remember, Ma, in the ancient times, people survived without refrigerator and not being hungry.  Some fresh groceries are fine without fridge. Our cheese & milk consumption is reduced rapidly lately. We are exhausted with the habit of stacking a lot of ready-to-serve food inside the box. We don't have an urgent reason to buy a new refri, anyway."

And we tried the challenge.  Since it needs some budget and more kitchen maintenance to get a new refrigerator. And the conclusion is...

We tend to keep more stuff when we have the storage.  Bought a lot of veggies and kept them in a refrigerator be honest, potentially a waste.  My household members are busy all days and no one has an effort to cook everyday freshly or something like that.  Based on the fear of being hungry, we stock some frozen ingredients / beverages / etc.. In the end, we have to clean up the refrigerator every weekend and got tired.

Now, that regretful, sad activity has been removed from our life (for a while), and it feels...freeing! Fresh meal everyday, complete kitchen equipments from the washing dishes.  No more 'where is the pan? oh, yeah, in the refrigerator.'.

Definitely. Because you have a strong reason to keep anything surviving a night (or a week).

Just a connected logic from the topic above.

It's horror.  That moment when you know there is something expired or spilled inside that magical box of modern life and someone open the door.  Or you have to open it yourself.  And, yeah, that creepy aroma from a rotten leaves, wrongly handled fresh seafood, or anything else.

We had a habit of keeping some ice cubes and never used it.  So.

Daddy has no argument for this.  I've told him not to buy any sliced fruits in styrofoam plate wrapped in plastic.  But he still did several times. Now he can't do that at all.  Since sliced fruits requires the fridge. Ahey!

Yeah, that's my week in a glance.  Without the amazing shelf invented by...who? The only problem is I can't keep my almond milk in a big bottle again, but I don't even have time to make the milk recently.  So, it is oookaaay.

I think it's fun to keep going with the fridgeless life.

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