Rabu, 20 April 2016

At Least, Make Your Days Lighter

I used to be faithful to the vintage mode: always tuck your top into the bottom. I found it elegant, and fun at first.  But lately I've been thinking how attached I am to this method that I feel insecure when I don't slip my t-shirt inside the waist ban. And sometimes I'm afraid some fashion rules are real and I should not look like I'm fat. I don't know.  Since I started being effortless about these stuff, I found that...I sweat small stuff and make it a reason to destroy my mood. Then I shop because I thought it's the clothes' fault. Silly, huh?

So, babe. Let loose.  Fashion rules are just for fun. And, no, the problem is not in your belongings but your mind. Be a mindful fashionista, if you're a fashionista.

Plus, people judge you by your cover. Whether you're financially rich or not. Do you think it is actually fair? Make a statement. You are not what you wear, but you should be happy with whatever you wear, even a single piece of boxer and sleeveless old tee. 

"Jangan gitu di depan orang ya. Malu." (don't do that in front of people--it's a shame!)
OMG, how dramatic people is. If you actually pee or poo in public, opened-air, ok, it's a shame. And not appropriate. Pffft. But, hello? Sneeze? Yawn? Cough? Laugh? WHISTLE? I don't get it when my Mom said I must not whistle in public.  But someone from Kampung Naga, a traditional village in West Java said, it's a taboo to whistle since it's going to call an evil ghost. I respect it. But I want to whistle just everywhere...besides a funeral. Well, no one may forbid you to do things you love that doesn't even harm a mosquito. Right? (anyway, kids and animals always accept your random acts, so.)

 Note this: Be full with everything you're doing. When you're talking to someone, concentrate only on her/him. In the other condition when you're talking with someone on the phone or chatroom, try to be focused, at least for 10 minutes--if the person keep replying. That's the purpose of smartphone: you can postpone some words, but you actually still have to respect your friend. Except he's a spam-message writer. :p

By focusing, you'll gain more quality. Trust me.

Some people will say it's insane, but, smiling at strangers is fun. Somehow. As long as you smile only at 3 people, not 10 people in a row. It sounds a little bit creepy... But, hey, who cares! You may not recognized who are they, but you've made their day brighter (or full of curiousity).

Do it once in a week, pals. Smile is a resiprocative action. Smiling at each other makes both person involved feel better! So, smile! :)

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