Senin, 30 Mei 2016

Minimalism in Ningrumism


People always associates 'minimalism' with monochrome tones such as black, white, and gray.  
Well, at this point of life, I think I've been very, very minimalistic.
I haven't changed my daily backpack for 3 years, perhaps, and it hasn't been washed for months, too. :p
I spent 21 days + another 30 days buying nothing like clothes or jewelry (hey, gimme an applause!).
And yes, my working desk / table is becoming I sorted out and curated everything on the surface. Though the desk is woody deep brown I really want to work on a pink-painted space, it's okay for now. At least there are still pink stuff in my sight.

And Sesame Street mouse pad, by the way.

Oh, anyway. All I want to talk about in this post is...hey, I'm still colourful. Everything I have is...beyond colourful. I might take a look at some minimalist bloggers and pinned all those simple, clean wardrobe on Pinterest. Perhaps all my reference are black and white, but my soul is colourful.

In plural colour choice, you can be a minimalist. Yes it is.  The key is: mix and match and do not buy things new except you're drowning in a deep cliff of frustation with your dull closet...but don't. Just...try not to.

I'm quite minimalist about food, too. I personally visited like no café or expensive restaurants for months. The only 'dinner/lunch out' I had was just in a food court, eating a simple 'kolak' and 'mung bean porridge'. And I had a Provencale Pasta ( which is spaghetti with eggplant, carrot, and tomato plus mushroom ) before attending a piano recital. And, okay, as a local-oriented vegetarian, actually, my food is quite colourful.  I mean, all the things I eat was...colourful fruits and tropical vegetables--something like that.  Imagine pineapple, tomato, banana, papaya, mango, bright yellow beancurd, golden tempeh, spinach, creamy coconut milk, guava, passionfruit...oh, I never have monochrome platter, too. Amazing!

And days, hey, my days. I think, reducing my activity on shopping or browsing for unecessary stuff makes me becomes more outgoing.  I mean, I tend to focus more on people and important acts. Drawings, practicing, socializing, listening to music with focus, laughing, hugging, kissing (cats/dogs/parents), thinking, even a jogging on a sport field (OMG who am I now??).  I am productive like an ant, hoho!

So, going  green makes my life even more colourful. Actually. It doesn't change anything in my colour choice. Therefore, it boosts my pallette!

Here's my student giving you a clue about the wonderful rainbow world that will boost your mood and bright aura. Thank you.

*feeling not systematic? hey, yeah, I never write anything systematic, right?*

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