Senin, 06 Juni 2016


Oh, it's June! JUNE! Closer to July, August, oh those sunny days I've been waiting forever until November. A lot of incoming summer projects are in front of me and it's exciting!

Anyway, since June has arrived, I decided to try another 'project' of stop shopping for unecessary things...such as clothes.  Yea, that trap called 'shop till' you drop' isn't healthy at all. I mean, ugh, I don't want to get dropped due to shopping, and shopping has actually swallowed my money worthlessly.

21 days  of shopping less period seems quite easy... now when I think about that.  But what about three times of that? Heya, it's fun to do, huh?

So, the rules are similar, with special notes defined by text colours:

applies to : clothes, shoes, bags, accesories, cosmetics, magazine, book, stationery, office-supplies, furniture, fancy palm-oil based food and beverages, craft supplies, needles, pins, hairpins, bobby pins, organizer, notebooks, animal (off course!), and other thing that usually ends up as clutter.

If I survive the 77 days (counting from now), I'm going to treat myself with a new romantic piece to learn both on viola and piano.
NB. I have to finished the baroque piece from previous project. 
Anyone joining? ;)

Fashion thingy : This is the REAL target--since being 'a girl' gives me a lot of excuse to it's in the social unwritten habit. And these stuff are actually the most tiring things to be thought about--and wasted a lot of time (and material) to browse. I used to spent many hours to browse when I should actually rehearse or doing an unfinished illustration. And yeah, my money has gone far away for some pieces I haven't even worn until now. About cosmetic, I've been so much better on this.  Yee-ha ! 

Books: NO BOOKS, except needed for educational needs such as music bundle in higher grade, better editorial, or arbitrary exam book. Art books? There are free e-books and Pinterest images everywhere, baby. For free.  And all you need is actually...that endless practical session. 

My entire house is stuffed with these stationeries and all art supplies like a workshop garage or something. Should I buy anything? Not in a million years.  We have 7 watercolour pallettes here. A box full of clutter of crafts and...huh. Hello. Food: only eat the necessary and nutritious plants. Fancy foods cost too much! 

So, see you in 77 days from now ( there will be random posts in between, but I meant about this goal ). I'm going to do productive, progressive stuff. Including doing this project already. 

For The Earth, for humanity ! :) 

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