Senin, 13 Juni 2016

As An Alternative from Shopping

My old wardrobe data! Ugh, I found this in my notebook (a bonus from some fashion magazine).  And it was from my post-school time.  After days in boring uniforms, I have only a few of clothing pieces I loved and cherished.  And only 3 pairs of shoes! OMG.

The only minus I had was my colour tones: black, grey, dusty rose, green, random oranges, random yellows?  Only that.  It's not weird that I was more melancholic at those years.  My pallette was bad and not beautifully arranged.

Anyway, that list has brought me wrong. It was the beginning of my fashion hoarding (?). I read magazines and had thoughts like, "Oh, I need a black dress, one jeans, two high-heels..." because I thought it is necessary.  Or arbitrary.  I don't know. I'm laughing at it.  I was a green-obsessed hoarder.  And irony in one label.

OKAY THEN. I was only a naive 18 year old girl anyway.

Now I'm here, focusing on other things than shopping and fulfilling my starvation of ornament-based-pride!

And better make myself proud, strong, and happy with some music. 

And here's a little bunny in memory. :')

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