Kamis, 01 September 2011

Black Bean for Blackheads

Hello there! :) Yesterday I was at Paris van Java with my brother and I visited Skin Food and for the first time, I bought something!

This Black Bean Nose Pack has been in my shopping list for months and finally I found it.  (actually, finally I went to PVJ!)

Luckily, I met this nice and cute woman in store, who explains the magic of any products without any doubt (oh, smart her!) and she said that she used the Tea Tree range and now she’s using one more range (I forget the name).  After travelling around the tiny but happily decorated shop, I stood in front of the cashier and took a pack of Black Bean Nose Pack and paid!

By the way, I got a bonus too.  A sachet of Black Sugar Mask Wash Off and two microsachets of Salmon Brightening Eye Cream. Well, this salmon, I didn’t draw this because I can’t help looking at the salmon illustration.  Poor salmon! :’(  In other time, I won’t use animal-y product again next year.  I’ll be 100% vegan.  But this salmon stuff, however, will be useful for my eye’s dark circle.  Poor me, poor salmon…ergh. And I’ve applied an amount on my skin! Forgive me, fella, forgive me! I’ll stopped directly after all the sachet’s empty and go searching other alternatives!

Well, anyway, I’ve tried the nose pack that smells like bean.  It works like another pore pack.  Simple, sticky, dried-up in 10 minutes and so on.  The nice woman in store suggested me to use it after steaming (or you can dip a towel into hot water and put it on your face to open your pores).  Don’t forget to wet your nose before applying! It won’t stick without water.  No.

For me, it does something for my blackheads! They’re gone, not all of them, but some of them.  And by the way, it’s my first time! So there’s still a hope ahead. :) 

Thank you, nose pack.  Whoever invented nose pack, I would like to say that you’re a genius! LOL.

Oh, and why I don’t choose Biore Pore Pack since it’s cheaper and easier to find? Because I got acne(s) on my nose after using it.  Bad news. :(

Wish this new baby’s going to be nice for me.  :)

*the illustration above was created by me, Ningrum, and she hopes no one will copy and use her sketch without any permissions. (but reblogging is allowed)

**weapons: Stabilo Pen 68, colouring pencils, edited by Adobe Photoshop and the humanware.


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