Kamis, 22 September 2011

To Purchase or To Leave

Howdy! :)

It’s a post without illustration.  Now I’m talking about decisions! Sounds serious? :9

So the topic is: HOW I CHOOSE A PRODUCT! Well then you’ll know why I love several brands more than the others. :)

My first point is:

ECO-FRIENDLINESS.  I’m responsible for what I purchase.  Right? :)  I always search for biodegradable product with recycling ability and natural ingredients. I love Pure Organic brand, from Canada (am I wrong or not?), unfortunately this brand hasn’t been available in Indonesia. :(

AFFORDABILITY. If I can’t purchase, or this purchase will drop my financial situation to the minus line, I’ll go away and find other alternatives. But I’m sure I’ll be a rich woman someday (hahaha), so there’s nothing to worry again about money.  Nice. :P Since the real eco-friendly products sometimes high-priced.

PACKAGING DESIGN.  Who can resist a cute packaging? So far, my favourite brand always nicely-packaged.  Thanks God.

MY FEELING.  When I feel good and ‘connected’ with the product, I’ll buy it directly.  But it need more exercises.  Sometimes feeling and emotions can be swapped.

DISCOUNT.  I love discount and I often meet this event! :D Hehehe.

Then, what’s my favourite product that fulfill my satisfactions and list above? You guess it.  You can do it because I look so in love with the brand.  LOL. <3

Have a nice day and be happy with your existence.  Go veggie! :)

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