Senin, 19 September 2011

Face Painting

Make up? What is it for? To add some happiness on your special beautiful face! :D These are things inside my make up box (check it out at

♥ The Body Shop’s Nature’s Minerals Make Up:

Eye Colour in Golden Emerald : I love the colour, I love the texture when it has applied on my skin, and I like the nature minerals inside it.

Cheek Colour idontknowwhichnumber : Feels like wearing a blush on. LOL. No, I mean, a better blush on with natural shade and some amount of glowing microglitters.  It gives you an elegant appearance without heaviness.

Foundation number 4 with SPF 25 : I get everything I love inside this jar: mineral, parabens free, very-light-almost-like-not-wearing anything feeling, and that sun protection!)

♥ The Body Shop’s Eye Definer Shade 03: Taupe : I haven’t been a smart-eyeliner-applier, but after trial and error with this pencil-shaped liner, so far I love this.  I didn’t take the black or liquid one to make a (-n extreme) natural look. :)

♥ The Body Shop’s Define & Lengthen Mascara : Quite good. A mascara in a bottle with benefits of keeping your eyelashes happy.  And yes, it’s lengthen the lashes a little! :)

♥ The Body Shop’s Born Lippy-Satsuma Shimmer Lip Balm : A gift from somebody.  For me, this lovely satsuma (some kind of citrus family)-scented lip balm is a multitalented.  It gives you glossy effect + it’s good for your lips + smells fresh. 

What about yours? :D

*I made all the illustration by myself, with a help from my drawing pad, Snowman black marker, and pencil colours + Adobe Photoshop CS3 + Cano LiDE 25 scanner. Please do not copy or use without permission!*

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