Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

And The Award Goes To...Me?

Never been more busy with blog but more relax with life, because there’s some change of schedule here and there, so I’m totally free on Wednesday and Thursday.  So here I am, doing tag again!

Phanie, the founder of Diary of A Product Junkie has given me 2 awards:

The Versatile Blogger Award Rules 

1. Thank the person who nominated you and give their blog a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog.

2.Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3.Send on the award to 15 bloggers whose blog you appreciate and then let them know that they have won the award.

7 random things about me :

1. My favourite interactive book is Acme Climate Action.  It’s a guide book for a greener life with a lot of things and tools to be utilized and to be done, e.g. stickers, post card, posters, DIY tips.  Check the website and be amazed!

2. You know peuyeum? Fermented cassava which has sweet-sour-electrifying taste? There’s a lot of peuyeum in Bandung. :D LOL.  It’s a nice additional ingredients for cake.  I  do love cake peuyeum!

3.  Oh, man, I’m seeing clouds moving SO FAST like a tank.  And it’s extremely windy today in my hometown.  Get ready to serve Tolak Angin to prevent ‘masuk angin’! (this is what I call ‘random’)

4.  I prefer to take city transport than taxi, because: a. Taxi’s expensive and a little impractical because we have to explain where we want to go, b. City transport a.k.a ‘angkot’ is easy and cheap! Just jump inside, jump outside when the destination has been reached, and pay 2000 IDR, so practical!

5.  Sometimes I watch TV and stop at Indonesian soap opera  (s.i.n.e.t.r.o.n) just to laugh at the story and the extreme character which still wear a lot of make up when she’s hospitalized or being kidnapped.  LOLOLOL!  XD

6.  My favourite composer is Claude Debussy from 20th century era.  His works are adorable (you know ‘Clair de Lune’ from Twilight movie? Yes, it’s Debussy’s) and some uses pentatonic tunes because he’s inspired by Indonesian gamelan after watched a gamelan performance on Paris Cultural Exhibition in 1889 (I guess that’s the year, I forgot).  It makes me proud! :D

7.   I want to make a girrafe as a pet.  I imagine its head will enter my second story window and it will lick my whole face. ((: Btw, it’s the real thing in a hotel in Africa.  A giraffe sometimes steal a chance to say ‘hi’  from the window of dining room.  Cute! <3

And this is the second award:

Rules are :

1. Thank for being tagged.

2. Put in the link to the blog of a person who tagged you.

3. Put on your blog the logo Top 10 Blog Award.

4. Choose 10 bloggers to be tagged by you.

5. Put links to their blog.

6.Inform them about it.

7. Create the list of your top 10 cosmetics.

My Top 10 Cosmetics:

face: The Body Shop-Nature’s Minerals Foundation SPF 25

cheeks: The Body Shop-Nature’s Minerals Cheek Colour

eyes: The Body Shop-Define & Lengthen Mascara,

-Eye Definer Shade: Taupe

-Nature’s Minerals Eye Colour~Golden Emerald

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow~Metallic Pink (a gift)

lips: Maybelline Colour Smooth Lip Care~Strawberry

Okay, actually I have no more , that’s all I have! LOL. :))

Dear Beloved, I Give You These Awards:

(haven’t reached 10, but, just forgive me, please :p)

Okay, that’s all for the award thingy.  Thanks a bunch , Phanie! :D

Have a nice day, Beautiful Ladies!

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