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Special Edition! Photographs, Not Illustration

And the topic is…my toiletries collection from time to time! :) Why is it matter? Because I want to share it with you, Ladies. ;)

We know how much happiness we get everytime we see products, anyway. It’s fun. Me, I love reading hauls post in beauty bloggers’ pages, and I love travelling around inside a body/skincare or make up shop.  It’s always entertaining and somehow addictive. :P

Well, too much words won’t be good for photography post, so here they are:


I was in high school when I realized that my face needs treatment.  So I bought that Sariayu Facial Mask “Jeruk”, because I didn’t use a facial wash at that time (which I forgot the reason, by the way, chemistry-skeptical I guess), and that mask was comfortable, smelled (does this word exist, please, English masters?) good, and left my face supple and clean. Those lip balms from The Body Shop are my first TBS products. Love them! The Lip on Lip, I bought it only for joining a short story contest sponsored by Rohto.  And yeah, I had Makarizo hair treatments for free, because my Papa attended a design event of them. They are good, but I was stupid and couldn’t use it properly. LOL. 

Finally I decided to buy a facial wash, and after reading brochures, I chose Seaweed Deep Cleansing from The Body Shop while I was in Bali.  I like it and it didn’t broke me out at all. :)  After that I continue bought the moisturizer.  And I love their body care too, that’s why there are shampoo, strawberry lotion, and body polish too.  And the one with black cap, it’s Nature’s Minerals Foundation.

New year, new resolution, new stuffs! :)  Looked better for me, at least there’s more space for my fellas. The most memorable product is: Tea Tree Clearing Toner, because it broke me out! LOL.  I wished I never bought that one if in the end all I got is acnes on cheeks. :’((  But it’s okay, forget the past and learn from mistakes: I should avoid alcohol. :P  By the way, I really love TBS’ Banana Shampoo & Conditioner! Feel-good-shampoo!

New year again, and these are my favourites! Things I use everyday, be put in a vintage box from Daiso. :)  Lip Ice product bought for the short story contest reason (again).  I’ve reviewed almost all of them, except DeoDry. Later, okay?

Well, surprise, surprise. That crew has other crews in separated box! Take a look:

Because a small box can’t keep them all together. :D Samples from L’Occitane, my lovely shampoo, Clean & Clear deep action daily pore cleanser which confuses me because I think I can’t use it anymore—too harsh and alcoholic (means it has a bit of alcohol inside)—there’s around 65% of filling, if someone want to adopt it, please tell me via comments or email ( :)  Different product reacts differently with different person. It could be good on you. :D

So this is the full team of my darlings!

Thank you for your attention! :*

*all photos taken dan edited by myself. :3 I wish no one will come and claim that they’re his/her photos. :)

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