Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Me vs Lipstick

I was a very silly girl back then.  I’m still silly now, but not that silly.  LOL. :))

When I was a little girl, I love to watch my Mama when she’s applying powder and lipstick.  And I was obsessed with lipstick, because it’s the only cosmetic I knew 14 years ago.

In my primary, I usually be chosen to dance with other girls.  When the dance should be shown up, I wore a lipstick and I was so happy! :) Mama helped me using it. <3

But I was afraid that lipstick could stick my upper and under lips, so during the show, during the day of dance when I was with lipstick on, I NEVER SHUT MY MOUTH.  I showed my tooth all the way, like a weirdo.  HAHAHAHA! :)) What a irrational logic of a kid.

Well, take that as a funny intermezzo.  Thank God I’m not that weird again. :p

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