Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Ramya Gadyanga

Do you like banana? Well, I AM a banana-mania.  Banana cake is my holy grail kind of cake.  Banana shampoo of The Body Shop was my favourite ever after before I realized there are parabens inside and sadly I stopped using it. :’( And I love to eat banana with grated cheddar cheese, banana alone, fried banana, Pontianak-style fried banana, roasted banana with cheese and chocolate sprinkles, banana-flavoured milk.  LOL.  I can’t imagine a life without banana! :)))

And then, continuing my love to banana, I tried to create a face mask with banana.

I use two slices of banana (you may choose the one you love, anyway: pisang Ambon, pisang raja, pisang susu, it’s up to you!). Then I pick about one teaspoon of grounded coffee, hmm, it smells wonderful! To make it thicker, I add a little natural honey. Mash the banana, and stir together all the ingredients! Yum yum! :9

You can apply it to your face directly and let it dried for 15 minutes then rinse, or you may do some scrubbing a.k.a exfoliation while waiting.  Yes, the grounded coffee works good as a scrub! :D

My first trial is satisfying. Post-feeling: velvety soft and smooth, supple skin.

JSYK, this mask should be kept in a tightly closed jar, in a refrigerator.  Mine is still okay for a week. :D 

Do you dare to try banana-ing your face? :3

(read this also to find benefit of banana face mask!)

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