Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Ramya Stroma

Hello yellow, it’s DIY time! :)

Again, I took benefits of strawberry, the cute sexy girly fruit.  It’s good to be eaten, it’s gorgeous to be a face mask ingredient. 

This one connects mashed strawberry and pure honey (I use Madu Nusantara). Chop a strawberry, crush with a spoon or fork, then add a teaspoon of honey.  Voilà, your fresh and yummy face treatment is ready to serve!

My experience: I can’t wait any longer to see how it works.  I created it yesterday evening, and I gave it a try right away.  It provided me with cool sensation and sweet taste (yes, I licked it a little and it’s terribly delicious!).  After 10-15 minutes, I showered my face like usual with cool water. 

And, trust me, it brightens my skin! I looked at my face in the same mirror with the one I used 15 minutes before, and I guess that strawberry has made a difference. 

Okay, I’m not a whitening-product addict.  I don’t feel like I need it, I love my tan skin, and I’m not in love with those whitening product TV commercials—unfair for the dark girls! And hello, trying to be white just to catch a guy? Nay.Thank you, girls, if you’re not feeling insecure by that doctrine. :* You’re wonderful just as you are. 

But it’s so surprising to see my face glow and looked brighter than before.  Not white, but bright and happy.  Just that.  :3

So far, I love Stroma.  It creates a healthier-looking face and I believe there’s a lot of nutrients and goodness that move from Ms. Strawberry to your skin.  

If you want an instant brigtening thing, give it a go! :D Be creative and mix it with other fruits or liquid or powder you love.

note: Clean your face before applying the face mask. ;)

*as usual, I don’t let anyone uses my pictures illegally.Tell me first.  Be polite. :)

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