Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Scrub Up with Sekar Jagat!

I actually got this product accidentally.  My Father was in Bali last year and he attended a wedding.  Uniquely, the couple gave this ‘lulur’ as the souvenir!

So what is lulur? It’s a body scrub, in short. :) It exfoliate your dead skin cells in a creamy traditional way.

At first, I didn’t want to use this lulur, because I don’t really like the smell.  But after months, I realized that it should be used before it gets rotten, for it’s all natural.  So I gave it a go and, okay, I admit it…I LOVE IT! :))

It does exfoliate well, and honestly, the scent is quite good.  The nuance is mildly feminine, just like a carrot. :D I heart carrots, just as bunnies do! :3

After usage, my skin is smoother and supple. 

In conclusion, I’ll repurchase! I’ll try the strawberry one after this. :D

FYI, this is originally Indonesian product! :D Yipiie!

FYI again, these are the crews of this lulur:

Amylum radix daucus carota (carrot), amylum oryza sativa (rice), Amylum pachyrrhizuz erosus sativa, Amylum tritici, Oleum olivarium (Olive oil), Oleum blabla candidum, Aquadest

See, it’s 100% from nature!

How to use: take an amount of lulur, apply on desirable body part while scrubbing until dead skin cells & dirt wiped away.

Very easy and pleasant! :D

*It’s quite silly, my illustration.  Drawing a real Bali dancer figure with markers is not an easy job.  Anyway, what do you think? :)

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