Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

Fellas I brought to Singapore! :D Yes, simple make up sometimes needed to make my face fresher through the travelling day!

Here’s the complete list + explanation:

TBS Nature’s Minerals Foundation Brush-the only cosmetic brush of my own.  LOL.

TBS Nature’s Minerals Eye Colour-green eye shadow with golden shimmer something to make my eyes more sparkling.

TBS Nature’s Minerals Foundation-my favourite foundation…since this is my first foundation! LOL.  Look, I’m such an amateur.  :P

TBS Define & Lengthen Mascara-…premiere mascara of mine.  What can I say? It’s good because I can’t compare it with another product. :))

Evian Facial Spray-reviewed here.  I found it very useful while I was out there. I used it as a moisturizer also.  Hehe.

100% Pure Lip & Cheek Tint-a little sample from Lynn (hey, thanks again, Lynn! ^u^).  The shade she gave me is Pink Grapefruit.  If I apply too much, it will spread a bright colour that is unmatched with my skin tone (I’m so yellow!), so I use a swipe for a sheer pink.  Actually this one’s good.  The texture is easy to be blended, fruity retro scent, and yes, multifunctional! When used as a lip tint, the result is matte and fresh.  On cheeks, it’s glowy but not blotchy. Love! But if I purchase the full tube, I’d like to choose Peach one.  :)

L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter-this is one hundred percent shea butter.  My first impression was the cute tin packaging, and actually it has moisturizing benefits, for lips, hair-ends, even your face! Review will come later! ;)

The Pouch Itself is from Artistry.  You know that line? It’s from Amway.  My brother was an Amway member, he suggested everyone to buy Amway's products! From supplemens to detergent (but their SA8 detergent is biodegradable and smells so good, I like that one. :P), yogurt machine, soaps, cooking tools, and blablabla again! LOL.  Now he has stopped with Amway and being focus at his real job; design and art and oh, body combat.  LOL.

Below those things, I drawed my ‘costume’.  But that’s only three, the most favourite mix-match.  I was in Singapore for 5 days, actually.  :))

That’s all for today’s illustrated post! :D

Bravo Dhoby Ghaut! XD

*Reblogs allowed.  Likes allowed.  Comments allowed.  Don’t be bored with the word ‘allowed’.  Using my illustration illegally is NOT allowed.

Thanks Papa for helping me scan the picture.  (S:-3>)

***btw, to see larger picture, just click on the pic.  Okay? :) ***

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