Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

To Make Questions and Answer Them

Just a little chit-chat before I get back to Adobe InDesign CS5 again. :P

Hey, why I choose to draw the product instead of taking photos?

I usually get mad about taking photos.  It’s not simple.  You should think about lights, zooming, and my memory card recently in trouble, very slow in loading process.  Anyway, from the first time I hardly wanted a product, I always make a doodle.  When I was 11, I crazily in love with cellular phone.  All my friends have cellular phone! I made picture of the handphone I was asking for to my Dad.  It was Sony Ericsson T100, the thin white-and-blue! I made a BIG one, a small one, I sketched myself bringing that handphone, oh, I was obsessed. 

I don’t know how, but it became a habit.  Everytime I have wish, I draw it first.  LOL.  X)  It’s very tempting to draw a product I love.  Just like you see a picture of things you like, but you make it yourself so it’s so personal and original. I believe, the more I draw it, the more it get closer to your life (so melodramatic).  Now, while I’m addicted to beauty weapons, I illustrate those stuffs a lot! If you see my personal diary, yes, it’s full of cosmetic doodles. When I was saving money for my L’Occitane Cleanser, my diary is full of the product’s illustration until I finally bought that successfully! Well, I’m 20, but still being childish in this case. :P

Why I use Kawi language in this blog?

Yes, even the title is in Kawi.  I love classic languages.  It’s authentic, and anyway, it’s from Indonesia.  I just want to show how proud I am as an Indonesian.  It sounds so elegant too. 

But I write this blog in English, generally.

I want to gain some international readers.  ^u^ But some posts are in Bahasa Indonesia.  In other hand, I want to improve my English skill too.  You too, no?

Okay, random question.  What am I listening? I smile and move my head left-to-right in front of the monitor!

Yeah, Zooey Deschanel is singing Sugar Town.  Very sweet!

Lipstick or lipgloss?

The stick one is sometimes too heavy on my lips.  I feel mature when I wear lipstick.  And lipgloss, it always looks fresh and young and cute—the packaging.  But I just can’t stand the gloss itself.  When using lipgloss, I look like I’ve just eaten too much fried bananas. I prefer matte tinted lip balm, maybe. :P

Keane or We Are Serenades?

BOTH! Oh, somebody, Supir Angkot, please bring me to the nearest music store to buy Strangeland and Criminal Heaven! D’:

What’s on TV do I like these days?

Shaun The Sheep, Timmy Time, and stand up comedies.  I love stand up comedy! Oh, my GOD.  It’s heavenly funny.  I love words jokes.  :)

Okay, finish.  Good luck forever! Hope my lovelife will be blessed. :3

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