Senin, 21 Mei 2012

That Africana Treasure

Shea butter.

Sounds famous? Yes! :D

Shea butter comes from Africa, derived from shea nuts.  It has many benefits, such as skin protector, moisturizer, healer, and the list will be too long!  I believe you can Google it yourself. :)

Anyway, I bought an 8 ml tin of L’Occitane’s Pure Shea Butter.  Yes, it’s one hundred percent shea butter.  No added fragrance or preservative.  If you check the ingredients, there’s only one name mentioned there: shea butter.  Dot.

The price in L’Occitane store was IDR 100.000.

Sadly, just a day before, the price was still IDR 95.000! I was told that L’Occitane just gained their prices.  :’(

By the way, I know this product from Naomi-san's review of shea butter.  It healed her scar! Oh man.  Cool! I have a scar too and I'm curious whether the shea butter can heal it or not.

The texture of the butter feels like ‘balsem’.  Balm in English.  Balsem in Indonesia.  Very thick, milky-white-transparent, and when applied to skin, you can feel its thickness.  But not greasy.  I even tried it on my nose once, and it’s okay! It’s fatty and oily, but it didn’t cause any trouble. 

I usually use it as a lip balm (and feel good + guilt-free), as a moisturizer for super-dry parts on my face (it works!), and I applied a little on my scar.  How’s the effect at scar? The scar’s itchiness has gone! But I haven’t notice a fading or something.  Maybe it needs more time to go.  I’ve been using Shea Butter for 2 months. :)

It smells like something digestable, able to be eaten. 

So far, I love this a lot! <3

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