Minggu, 24 Mei 2015

Happy House Empty Trash Bin

First, let me take a selfie. OH. I'm kidding. Hahaha.
Okay, have you ever feel frustated with trash bins? I mean, you looked at your bin and gasped after seeing HOW MUCH RUBBISH INSIDE THE THING. It's like...Dude, what did I throw yesterday? What I throw everyday? Why I am so 'nyampah'?

Yeah. That's the world. The world postmaterialism.  Junks everywhere.  In every corner of our houses. Even somewhere on the display rack. We actually have pre-junk!

You know the best way to make yourself feel better? REDUCE. REUSE. THINK. I really mean think.  Where's 'RECYCLE'? It is good, too.  But for you, Indonesian Citizen Darlings, maybe we haven't found an easy access to the recycling machine / company / organization.  Right? That's why I didn't mention it in those 3 important words.

The most familiar word in the Earth issue. But do you get the REAL philosophy of it? 
"Oh, do you mean reducing plastic bag?"
Not JUST that. Yes, please reduce using it. Don't be hesitated to say 'no thanks' to the cashier attendant. BUT first thing first, don't you think we should reduce the purchase, too? 

What to do with 1 dozen of lip balm jars and sticks? You shall just sell it, not using it! And you can use Virgin Coconut Oil instead, you know.  An enormous bottle of it for months. No toxic. Literally moisturizing. Lip balms are addictive products. They dry your lips even more SO YOU WILL BUY ANOTHER. Selling trick. Clever. 

And with Virgin Coconut Oil, you use it for lips + face + body. As a moisturizer. To add to the sugary scrub. To deep clean your skin. Even to be digested and it's oh-so-healthy. It's definitely local, delicious, aromatic, and useful. What else do you want? :D

Should you buy 3 packs of bottled water everyday? Hey, there's a dispenser out there.  And water filter if you trust the machine.  Instead of givin' away bottles easily to the bin (actually, to the SEA) without guilt, we can change the lifestyle.  BRING YOUR TUMBLER. If you already feel the guilt forever before reading this but still buying bottles, DO IT NOW.  SWITCH. SWITCH! Sea gulls and turtles and fishes and everyone need our help!

You need to buy new clothes everyday? Think again. Do you don't.  You're probably just bored. Bored of what? The same clothes you take all the time because they are the only options? Ah, I think you are just too lazy to rotate and mix-match your wardrobe.  You can do it.  You HAVE TIME for that.  Actually.  Society manipulates us to be quick and busy.  Meanwhile we're not that hectic every single time, right? 

Not every item is reusable.  You won't ever reuse a plastic wrap of your batagor, right? Hahaha. I know. I won't, either.  Yuck.  
But, okay, if you find anything reusable, would you love to take a look at it and think for a minute? Cereal boxes may become a handmade notebook.  Even a juice box are decorate-able and will be your next pencil case.  Plastic bottles from shampoo? Hmm, you may use them to keep some liquid materials in a smaller version like...liquid detergent. ;) 

I don't suggest using shampoo, though.  If possible, please change to shampoo bars. Or just a soap bar. Make sure to try avoiding palm oil. Nice try. :) 
PLEASE NOTE: You'd need a vinegar after washing your hair with soap substance. 

Back to the REUSE.
Another items you can reuse? Plastic fork / spoon a cafĂ© gave you away. Wash and bring them home or office. Or studio / workshop/ whatever you call it. Then you have emergency eating tools! 

The rest of it, use your creativity and EFFORT.  Folks. Don't use your effort to judge people, to modify a story and turn it into a pretty hot gossip. To do bad things. To kill an ant. No. Effort is needed for good things, okay? :D 

The root of everything. Got it? We think, so we stop purchasing useless items. We think, therefore we'll be trapped in a pile of junks in your house.  WE THINK, because it'll be too hard to think of the way to skip these manners or to think about the possibility of moving to another planet. We think and combine it with effort. Let's be a thinker. It may be tiring for a while but it won't last. You'll adapt to the new lifestyle. Love you, folks. :)

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  1. Selama ini sih yang aku lakukan untuk mengurangi sampah hanya menolak plastik dari minimarket dan memakai kembali kartus-kardus kemasan untuk sorage box. Terutama untuk Eris karena printilan dia banyak, hihihi :)